How Long Is a Nose Job Surgery?

How Long Is a Nose Job Surgery?

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    Thousands of people from all around the world search various hospitals for Nose job every year. People can also reshape their noses with surgical operations performed by aesthetic surgeons or otolaryngologists. In addition to aesthetic concerns, surgical interventions are also performed to correct the nasal structure that affects the respiratory tract.

    While the success rate of each physician is different in Nose job surgery, the procedures performed during the operation are generally similar. One of the most frequently asked questions by people who have decided to have Rhinoplasty is, " How Long Is a Nose Job Surgery?"

    The operation process should be divided into two stages; the Operation period and the Recovery Period. Ekol Hospitals provides patients with detailed information about surgical procedures through its representatives.

    Before Nose job surgery, it is essential to have detailed information about the operation process. The patients should know the recovery process after the surgery or the difficulties that may be encountered, and the expectations for the process should be planned accordingly. Hospitals that have succeeded in the field of Rhinoplasty inform their patients about all procedures. The answer to the question " How Long Is a Nose Job Surgery?" is also included in these briefings.

    Length of Surgical Procedure

    Nose job surgery varies according to the surgical method to be applied. These procedures, which are determined for the needs and wishes of the people, cause changes in the surgical procedures to be used. Nose Job, also known as Rhinoplasty, can be applied with the following methods:

    • Open Rhinoplasty
    • Closed Rhinoplasty
    • Revision Rhinoplasty
    • Nose tip aesthetics

    Since each surgical process will consist of different stages, the duration of the operation also varies depending on these stages. However, the time of a nose job is usually between 2 and 2.30 hours. This period may be extended in the revision Nose job.

    Anesthesia and Preparation Time

    examination for nose job surgery

    There is a particular preparation time before Nose job surgery. This preparation time is more related to those who use blood thinners or consume heavy cigarettes and alcohol. The use of blood thinners should be suspended two weeks before the operation. The patient can use medicines approved by the surgeon performing the Nose job surgery.

    Smoking and alcohol consumption should be avoided during the preparation period. Cigarette consumption can negatively affect the recovery process after surgery and increase the risk of infection. In addition, the use of herbal supplements should be avoided. In particular, using blood thinners or anticoagulant herbal products may increase the risk of complications that may develop with surgery.

    On the day of surgery, hospitalization is performed in the morning. When the surgery time comes, anesthesia is applied to the patient as the first procedure. General anesthesia is used in the Nose job. It is given to the patient by medication or injection method. After the anesthesia takes effect, the operation is started. The patient does not feel any pain during the process thanks to the anesthesia.

    Recovery Time After Surgery

    examination for nose job surgery

    After Nose job surgery, patients are usually kept under control in the hospital for one day. If the patient's health condition is suitable, they are discharged from the hospital the next day of the surgery. Pads are placed in the nose, and these pads remain in the nose for a week. At the end of the first week, the tampons (pads) are removed from the nose together with the suture at the tip of the nose.

    During this period, sleeping with the head in a higher position than the chest is recommended. This position reduces the risk of bleeding. In the first three weeks after the surgery, swelling or bruising may occur on the eyelids. These symptoms disappear over time. It takes about a year for Rhinoplasty to settle. During the process, the doctor's recommendations should be followed.

    Factors Affecting the Overall Duration of a Nose Job

    woman and doctor. examination for nose job surgery

    The duration of nose surgery can be affected by several factors. The doctor determines the surgical techniques used during the nose surgery according to the patient. Before the surgery, some imaging techniques are used to plan the surgical process. According to the procedure followed, the estimated duration can be said. The factors affecting the time of the nose job can be listed as follows:

    • The difficulty of the nose structure
    • Surgical techniques that require precision
    • Type of anesthesia
    • Development of resistance to hypotension

    Average Duration of a Nose Job Surgery

    rhinoplasty examination before surgery

    The average duration of Nose job surgery is 2.30 hours. If an unexpected situation does not occur during the operation, the administration of anesthesia and awakening the person are included in this period.

    In order to give precise information about the duration of the process, the Rhinoplasty method to be performed and the number of interventions required for the person's nose should be determined. Therefore, although there is no definite answer to the question of " How Long Is a Nose Job Surgery", an estimated time interval can be given.

    Differences Between Open and Closed Rhinoplasty Procedures

    Open and closed Rhinoplasty techniques are generally used in Nose job applications. There are fundamental differences between these two methods. In the open Rhinoplasty technique, the nose is opened with the help of an incision from the columella region at the tip.

    On the other hand, in closed Rhinoplasty, the nose is not opened, and the entire operation is performed through the nose. While open surgeries are suitable for more extensive operations on the nose, closed surgeries are performed on more limited areas. However, in closed surgeries, there is no loss of sensation at the tip of the nose due to no damage to the vessels and nerves at the tip of the nose.

    For more information: The Different Types of Rhinoplasty Procedures

    Considerations for Patients Having Nose Surgery in Turkey

    For a successful Nose job surgery, it is necessary to work with a professional therapist and an experienced hospital. It is an operation that should be performed by physicians who are specialized in the field of Rhinoplasty and have achieved successful results. The fact that the surgeon operating is an expert in the field of Rhinoplasty is essential in achieving the targeted nose structure.

    Along with the success of the physician, the hospital where the surgery will be performed must have sufficient equipment. It should be ensured that the preferred hospital uses quality materials and meets the necessary sterilization conditions. At this point, Ekol Hospitals, serving in Izmir, draws attention.

    Ekol Hospitals is an organization that has achieved successful results in Nose job surgery with its expert staff and hospitals developed in the light of current data. Many people from all over the world prefer this operation to achieve an aesthetic nose. You can contact our patient representatives from here to get detailed information about the Nose job process and to reach up-to-date price information.

    A sensitive approach is required in each process of a Nose job. When looking for a suitable hospital for Nose Job, the doctor's success and the hospital's conditions should be evaluated before the hospital costs. At this point, many domestic and foreign patients prefer Ekol Hospitals.

    As Ekol Hospitals, we have performed many successful Rhinoplasty processes since our establishment. A specialist healthcare institution should be preferred to minimize the risk of encountering unexpected negativity during the process.

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