How to Know If You Need a Nose Job?

How to Know If You Need a Nose Job?

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    Nose Job is a surgery that has become popular worldwide and is applied to thousands of people yearly. It is an operation in which interventions are performed on the nasal bone, nasal concha and nasal tip. The interventions performed allow the nose to have an aesthetic appearance and support the health of the respiratory tract.

    People who need Rhinoplasty but are unsure about it can finalize their thoughts with the answers to the question, "How to know if you need Rhinoplasty". Thanks to the preliminary meetings with Ekol Hospitals surgeons, patients can resolve all their concerns regarding the Rhinoplasty process.

    Is Nose Job Right for You?

    a woman's nose job before and after

    The reasons for Rhinoplasty operation include aesthetic and medical reasons. Depending on genetic or subsequent causes, people may need to undergo Nose Job. However, a person may have fears about Rhinoplasty surgery.

    The topics mentioned below can guide you about whether you are an ideal candidate for Nose Job surgery. People who want to achieve their dream nose or breathe better may be hesitant about Nose Job. These patients want to learn whether they are ideal for this operation before Nose Job surgery.

    Persistent Breathing Problems or Nasal Obstructions

    a woman's nose examination before rhinplasty surgery

    One of the most important medical reasons for Rhinoplasty operation is the disorders in the nose structure. Experiencing persistent respiratory problems negatively affects the quality of the person's daily life. People who cannot breathe comfortably develop mouth-breathing behavior. This situation also reveals the complaints of snoring at night.

    Apart from these, headaches and breathing problems develop from being unable to breathe comfortably. All these problems can be caused by respiratory diseases as well as the structure of the nose.

    Congenital or subsequent curvature of the nasal bone may obstruct the nose structure. This problem can be eliminated with Rhinoplasty surgery. With surgery, medical intervention is performed on the concha and bone curvature. Thus, the congestion in the nose is removed, and the patient can breathe comfortably.

    Unsatisfied with the Shape or Size of Your Nose

    a woman's nose examination for rhinoplasty

    Aesthetic concerns are also among the reasons for Rhinoplasty. Many people apply for this surgery because of aesthetic defects in the nose structure. The nose structure of the person is larger than the facial features, and the nose has an arched system or the curvatures in the bone structure negatively affect the aesthetic appearance.

    The fact that the nose structure does not have an aesthetic appearance can disturb individuals of all age groups. These people apply Rhinoplasty to have a perfect nose structure for their facial features. As Ekol Hospitals, we provide a well-conceived Nose Job process to our patients with the perfect touch of aesthetic surgeons who are experts in the field of Nose Job. The nose gains an aesthetic appearance with the interventions performed on the nasal bone, meats and cartilage during the surgery.

    Chronic Sinusitis or Nasal Inflammation

    Chronic sinusitis and rhinitis are among the upper respiratory tract diseases. With these diseases, swelling of the nasal concha can be observed. Because of this situation, it can be difficult for people to breathe. After an extended period, changes occur in the nose structure due to swelling in the meat.

    Chronic sinusitis and rhinitis are among the medical reasons for Rhinoplasty. With the surgical interventions to be made, the nasal concha can be fixed, and the nasal structure can be restored with the changes in the nose structure. However, if the patient has active sinusitis or rhinitis, treatment should be applied to treat the inflammation before surgery. After the inflammation is over, surgical intervention is planned.

    Trauma or Injury to the Nose

    The nose is an organ that can be deformed due to trauma or injury. Deformities experienced can negatively affect breathing. However, it arises in aesthetic concerns. Concussions and injuries, which are among the causes of Rhinoplasty, bring the need for intervention to the nose structure. If the nose is damaged due to the following trauma and injury types, people apply for Nose Job surgery:

    • Traffic accident
    • A hard blow to the nose area
    • Falling on the nose
    • Nose Job surgery that was not appropriately performed in the past

    A curvature of the nasal bone may occur due to a blow to the nasal bone. As a result of the improper union of the nasal bone, the respiratory tract may be adversely affected. Thanks to the Nose Job surgery, these defects are corrected, and people are provided with healthy breathing. Ekol Hospitals hosts successful Rhinoplasty surgeries thanks to its doctors, who are experts in the field of Nose Job.

    Feeling Self-Conscious or Insecure About the Appearance of Your Nose

    An arched nose structure, a crooked nose, or a nose that is too big for the facial features causes aesthetic anxiety. Aesthetic concerns that arise due to these reasons result in people not liking their appearance and may bring a lack of self-confidence.

    Lack of self-confidence is a problem that negatively affects a person's social and business life. This situation can fail people in their daily lives. With Rhinoplasty, the nose structure of the person is corrected, and it is ensured that the person is happy with his external appearance. Nose Job effectively solves the self-conscious problem caused by the nose's appearance.

    Difficulty Finding Glasses or Sunglasses That Fit Comfortably

    a doctor's hand, woman nose examination

    A large nose or arched nose structure can make it challenging to use glasses. It is a situation that complicates the life of people who have vision problems and need to use prescription glasses. Not being able to use sunglasses in sunny weather can also negatively affect daily life.

     Even if the nose structure does not cause an aesthetic concern, difficulties in using glasses cause people to apply for Rhinoplasty. Ekol Hospitals works diligently to perform surgical interventions that suit the person's facial features and resolve all these complaints.

    In the meetings with the doctor before the operation, all the patient's complaints are listened to, and their expectations are learned. In this way, as a result of the surgery, it is ensured that it meets the patient's expectations.

    Desire to Enhance Facial Symmetry and Balance

    Nose Job is a surgery also applied by people who complain about facial symmetry. Incompatibility in facial symmetry can increase people's aesthetic concerns about their faces. The nose is an essential organ in providing facial symmetry. Even with minimal touches on the nose, profound changes can be created in the facial features.

    Rhinoplasty supports the balance between the organs on the face and ensures the realization of people's wishes. With the interventions to be made on the nasal bone or the tip of the nose, the nose can appear more raised or smaller. Thanks to the changes to be made in the nasal tip and bone structure, many organs in the face have a balanced proportion.

    Find Your Dream Nose with Safe and Successful Rhinoplasty at Ekol Hospitals: Experience Quality Healthcare and Expertise

    a woman's face who wants nose job, rhinoplasty

    Rhinoplasty is a method that has been safely applied for years for people to have the nose of their dreams, healthy breathing and aesthetic facial features. While all these expectations can be met with successful nose surgery, attention should be paid to the preferred healthcare institution for Nose Job surgery.

    Nose Job is an operation that requires professional and meticulous work. Otherwise, the nose structure may become worse. Ekol Hospitals is a hospital that provides service in Izmir and performs Rhinoplasty operations on thousands of people every year. You can find detailed information and prices about the Nose Job process here, and take the first step towards your dream nose. You can watch this video to get to know the area where our hospital is located, our services that we have carefully prepared for you, and our sterile VIP hospital rooms.


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