Rhinoplasty: Enhancing Facial Aesthetics and Balance

Rhinoplasty: Enhancing Facial Aesthetics and Balance

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    Rhinoplasty focuses on both main factors: correcting structural errors and enhancing facial aesthetics and balance, along with symmetry. In some cases, both main factors can be reasons for having rhinoplasty, but generally, it is made for facial aesthetics. But, does it help to enhance them?

    Yes, rhinoplasty can enhance and change them. Different methods can be applied to enhance facial aesthetics and increase its balance with other facial structures such as lips, nostrils, cheeks, eyes, chin, and even eyebrows. 

    In this article, we will talk about the shape and size of the nose, and start with understanding its relation with other facial structures. Then, we will switch to understanding desired goals and expectations for rhinoplasty and more.

    Understanding the Role of the Nose in Facial Aesthetics

    The nose plays an essential role in facial aesthetics since it is in the center of the face. It helps to adjust facial symmetry and the golden ratio of the face. We can call it “center and completed piece”. 

    Therefore, the nose size, bridge, and shape are effective in facial aesthetics.

    Identifying the Desired Changes in Nose Shape and Size

    Identifying and explaining the desired changes in nose shape and size is important during the consultation with your surgeon. To achieve the best outcome, you need to explain yourself in full detail.

    During the consultation, your doctor will examine your nose and facial structure. They may use the computer and imagining systems to show before and after results.

    Customizing the Rhinoplasty Procedure to Meet Your Goals

    According to your goals and facial aesthetics, your surgeon can customize the rhinoplasty process. There are some rhinoplasty procedures exist such as:

    • Open and Closed Rhinoplasty
    • Non-surgical Rhinoplasty
    • Functional Rhinoplasty
    • Ethnical Rhinoplasty, and more. 

    The factors such as your facial and nasal structure, skin thickness, and goals affect the customizing process.

    Achieving Facial Harmony and Proportion

    To achieve facial harmony and proportion, some corrections need to be done with the help of rhinoplasty. Generally, they are:

    • Reducing the size of the nose, generally along with reshaping.
    • Changing the size and adjusting the angle to achieve a golden ratio.
    • Reshape the tip.
    • Correcting the nostrils, adjusting them to the overall nose size.

    Creating a Natural-looking Nose

    Creating a natural-looking nose is one of the most important factors in the rhinoplasty process because nobody would want to get the surgery and a plastically shaped looking nose. 

    For example, using the computer and imagining systems would be helpful to achieve a natural-looking nose. Because you and your surgeon can see the results before the operation, most clearly. We will discuss them in a separate title.

    a beautiful woman with rhinoplasty

    Balancing the Nose with Other Facial Features

    Balancing the nose with other facial features will help you to achieve a symmetrical and harmonious look. The shape, size, and position affect this balance. But mainly, it consists of:

    • The forehead: It creates the upper side of the face, you can think of it as the roof of the home. 
    • The chin: It creates the lower side, drawing a path through the neck.

    Since the nose takes place between these two features, changes in the nose will affect these two. The cheeks and lips are around the nose, and you need to talk about them with your surgeon too.

    Addressing Functional Issues While Enhancing Aesthetics

    While enhancing facial aesthetics, addressing the functional issues, and balancing them would be good, it is up to the whole process and you & your surgeon’s decision. The rhinoplasty also includes combining operations. Following these steps may help you:

    • Identifying issues through examination: Your surgeon can identify issues by using different examination techniques. Generally, functional issues are related to breathing.
    • Developing a plan: After addressing functional issues such as breathing, snoring, sinusitis, etc., planning for enhancing aesthetics starts.

    Choosing the Right Surgeon for Your Rhinoplasty

    To achieve a successful outcome, you need to choose the right surgeon. They must be qualified and professional, with experience. Following these tips may help you:

    • Check their previous works and credits: You can research their previous works, can look at the before and after photos, training, and feedback from patients.
    • Look for their experience: Aesthetics require lots of experience, and there is nothing wrong with researching their experience in this area with ear, nose, and throat treatments as well.
    • Appointment for consultation: To tell your concerns and discuss them with your surgeon would be helpful, this method also may help to understand their way of communicating with patients.

    Considering Digital Imaging and Simulation

    As mentioned in previous titles, digital imaging, and simulation helps to see possible results before the rhinoplasty. With the help of visualizing technology, you can decide what you want and discuss it with your surgeon. 

    smiling beautiful woman

    However, please note that you need to have realistic expectations. Even though the imagining system can give you the perfect results, there is no guarantee that you would achieve the perfect results that the computer suggests. 

    Setting Realistic Expectations and Understanding Limitations

    Starting with setting realistic expectations and understanding limitations, then considering them is essential for rhinoplasty operation. Everybody has different facial aesthetics, nose size and shape, skin thickness, and other additional features. 

    Even though the imaging system gives you the best results, you need to be realistic about your goals. Revision rhinoplasty exists, however, you need to be patient while waiting for the final results, it takes 6 months to 1 year to see them.


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