The Long-Term Benefits and Risks of Rhinoplasty Surgery

The Long-Term Benefits and Risks of Rhinoplasty Surgery

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    Like in any other operation, there are long-term benefits and also some risks in a rhinoplasty operation. Among these benefits, the first to notice is “improved breathing”. Besides that, swelling and bruising are the most common side effects and “risks” in rhinoplasty surgery.

    Most people consider having a rhinoplasty surgery either to breathe well or look good or as we see in many cases, both. On the other hand, please never forget that as the name implies, it is an operation and carries some risks.

    In this article, you will read some main headings and details about the long-term benefits, risks, and complications of rhinoplasty surgery. We will mention the benefits of the rhinoplasty operation like how it improves breathing and the other daily life effects of the surgery.

    Improved Breathing and Nasal Function

    As you know, a human nose is a receptor but its main function is to make you breathe safely, efficiently, and properly. That’s why the nose has some abilities to practice breathing in these three ways. As it works like a filter, with the help of nasal hair, foreign particles like dust, pollen, and allergens are filtered out and can not reach the lungs. Nasal breathing also makes your nose produce nitric oxide which is a vasodilator and it helps widen your blood vessels. The other benefit of nasal function is humidifying of inhaled air. That’s a great advantage for the lungs to use the air that is brought to the body temperature.

    Enhanced Facial Symmetry and Balance

    It is known that an asymmetric, crooked nose is a risk and can cause many health difficulties. People with crooked noses may have some health problems. Low self-esteem and poor quality of breathing are among them. The main reasons for facial asymmetry caused by a crooked, bent, twisted nose are:

    • Genetics
    • Birth Defects 
    • Trauma caused by nasal injuries  
    • Unsatisfactory Rhinoplasty 

    The rhinoplasty operation is the best and most effective way to correct nasal, and facial symmetry and balance. Its benefits are great. The rhinoplasty operation can also be a solution to some common nose concerns like the size and shape of the nose and in that way saves your time and money.

    Boosted Self-esteem and Confidence 

    Boosted or low self-esteem and self-confidence is among the daily concern of people with a facial asymmetry caused by a crooked nose. In today’s Word, with the help of scenes and modern technics in the health sector, surgeons help even more to their patients with their concerns and tell them about the benefits of the rhinoplasty operation. Bone shaving, cartilage grafting, internal sutures, and other methods are used to enhance the size, shape, and symmetry of the nose.

    Imagine a time, after your rhinoplasty operation, you breathe better and when you look in the mirror, your self-esteem and self-confidence are at the highest level. We believe your health is above all things.

    Correction of Birth Defects or Trauma-Related Injuries

    When people start to think about the rhinoplasty operation, they also think about how will the rhinoplasty surgery change their life. Is correction of birth defects or trauma-rated injuries including the nose job? Yes, rhinoplasty helps people with birth defects and trauma-related injuries.

    Birth defects are considered genetic and the most reasons that cause of nasal trauma are internal and external injuries.

    Common types of nasal trauma are:

    • Nosebleeds
    • Fractures
    • Obstruction by a foreign object

    If you have a birth defect or trauma-related injury and have already decided to have a rhinoplasty operation, the best to do is to understand your expectations yourself first and talk to your surgeon about them.

    Reduction of Chronic Sinus Problems

    Medically sinusitis is caused by a virus and often persists for a long time. Chronic sinus is something that can turn your daily life into hell. We know that from our experiences or people around us who are suffering from it. When you have chronic sinus, your nasal cavities start to become swollen and inflamed.

    In the United States of America, there are an estimated 30.8 million people suffering from chronic sinus problems. If you have chronic sinus problems and feel desperate, although you have tried almost everything but failed, do not worry. The rhinoplasty operation is one of the most certain ways and permanent solutions for chronic sinus problems with lots of its benefits.

     Potential Risks and Complications

    To avoid the risks and complications you first should know that you are the right person for the rhinoplasty operation. In another saying, your surgeon must know your state of health holds no or low risks. They will ask for some tests, including a blood test. If you smoke, your surgeon may want you to quit smoking and reduce the risk.

    There are also post-operation risks and to avoid them you should not do certain things like;

    • Strenuous training including running
    • Swimming
    • Blowing your nose
    • Excessive chewing
    • Any facial expressions that require lots of movement like laughing, smiling
    • Pulling clothing over your head
    • Resting eyeglasses on your nose
    • Vigorous tooth brushing 

    Long-term Maintenance and Follow-up Care

    After your rhinoplasty operation, long-term care is important. Your body is a whole. The more you care about yourself totally, the faster your nose will heal. We can easily say that nourishment is the backbone of healing. You should know what to eat after rhinoplasty surgery. Alcohol and salty food are known as reasons for swelling and should be reduced. Some food is helpful since they contain an enzyme that helps the body dispose of the bruising: pineapple and fresh papaya.

    Visit your surgeon even after six months after the Rhinoplasty operation. They would like to see the improvement in healing from time to time and give you more advice according to your situation.

    Possibility of Revision Rhinoplasty 

    As the nose has a complex structure, most surgeons think that a rhinoplasty operation is a very challenging one. Adding that the nose is in the center of the human face and thus all details are vital to get a good result, a good look after the rhinoplasty operation.

    People who are not happy with prior rhinoplasty surgery may look for a second operation. One of the common causes of a revision is scar tissue from the first surgery. You should bare that in mind, even after the revision rhinoplasty, it is not certain that the scar tissue would fade away. So, consult your surgeon, and think twice if you need a revision.

    Impact on Future Surgeries or Procedures

    If you still need a revision rhinoplasty, plan it with your surgeon who has already earned your trust and thinks the best solution for you. Follow the instructions given by your surgeon and manage the procedure efficiently as a team once again.

    Psychological Effects and Expectations

    After one year, you will stop the final stage and meet the new and final shape of your nose. The old one will not even be nostalgic. You have a new nose now and its effect in your daily life will be significant. However, remember, it is a result of medical science, a result of dedication and hard work by you, your surgeon, and the medical team. Do not expect miracles but a healthy life.

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