Can Rhinoplasty Make Nose Smaller?

Can Rhinoplasty Make Nose Smaller?

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    Rhinoplasty is a surgery that can do remarkable changes. It can make your nose smaller, look good, and be aesthetic. 

    You may not be born with a well-shaped nose, but can change it with rhinoplasty.

    Rhinoplasty can make the nose smaller by providing needed adjustments. These adjustments may differ from patient to patient and depend on the procedure that will be decided by your surgeon.

    In this article, we will take a look at the rhinoplasty and nose relationship. We will learn about the process, the things that we do in this process and don’t, healing and recovery, etc. This article will also let you know about potential risks and side affects.

    Understanding Nose Size and Rhinoplasty

    The nose size and shape is the first thing that people will notice while talking or looking at you. Because it’s in the center of the face, and other limbs such as lips, eyes, cheeks, etc. are shaped around it. Therefore, the nose has a direct effect on the symmetry of your face which is related to having a golden ratio. 

    Everyone has a different size and facial features. Rhinoplasty is an operation that helps to create a balance between these features by fixing the size, shape, etc.

    How Rhinoplasty Can Make a Nose Smaller

    Actually, answers to this question are variable because every patient has a different size, shape, diseases related to it, etc. And these factors affect the answers, but we can say that rhinoplasty can make a nose smaller - a little bit, with needed adjustments. 

    Generally, rhinoplasty can make a nose smaller by removing or reshaping necessary parts.

    Techniques for Reducing Nose Size through Rhinoplasty

    There are many techniques for reducing nose size with the help of rhinoplasty, and your surgeon would decide which or one is the best for you. However, there is no harm to know common techniques.

    1. Your nasal tip may be higher and this would make your nostrils and connected parts look bigger than normal size. Your surgeon can adjust this symmetry.
    2. The nasal bridge can affect the overall shape. This can be changed by removing the needed parts such as cartilage.
    3. Someother surgeries can be applied to adjust nostrils and septum in a detailed way - they affect the overall shape.

    Considerations for Making a Nose Smaller with Rhinoplasty

    Before making your nose smaller with rhinoplasty, there are some things that you need to know. Knowing them before having this operation would highly likely guide you.

    rhinoplasy and beauty

    • Don’t hesitate to ask questions. There is nothing wrong with asking lots of questions about the whole process, such as “when will it reach the average height I want?” etc. 
    • Be patient. To reach the small nose you want, patience is required. Seeing the desired results can take up to 6 months to 1 year.
    • Caring is essential. You need to take care of your face carefully, cover it from impacts, don’t touch the surface often, and be careful about sneezing, coughing, and more.

    Potential Risks and Side Effects of Rhinoplasty for Nose Size Reduction

    Apart from benefits, there are some potential risks and side effects of having rhinoplasty for size reduction.

    • Bleeding: Bleeding can occur during surgery and in some cases, it may increase. If you’re having problems related to it, don’t forget to share them with your surgeon.
    • Infection: Like all surgeries, rhinoplasty also has an infection risk.
    • Swelling and Bruises: It's normal to have swelling around your cheeks and bruises on your face - especially the parts which are close to the surgery area.
    • Pain: You may experience pain after the surgery. Medications prescribed by your surgeon can help it. 
    • Numbness: Some patients noted that they experienced temporary numbness after the surgery.

    Recovery and Aftercare following Rhinoplasty for Nose Size Reduction

    Some instructions will be provided by your surgeon, and to be successfully recovered from rhinoplasty for size reduction, you need to follow them. 

    During recovery and aftercare, rest is essential. Avoid exercising, jogging, and physical activities for a while. They may affect the size in an unwanted way.

    Don’t let your it expose to the sun often, the sun may not affect the size but can cause discoloration. Plus, don’t touch it so often since this may affect the size adjustment process.

    a woman lying on the sofa

    Follow your check-up appointment to see your healing progress.

    Is Rhinoplasty a Viable Option for Nose Size Reduction?

    Yes, we can say that rhinoplasty is a viable option for size reduction. It helps to reshape, change the tip height and nasal tip, straighten the septum and adjusting the angles according to the face symmetry to make it more smaller. 

    Before having this operation, you should consult an experienced surgeon. They would choose the best options for you.


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