Can Rhinoplasty Help Breathing?

Can Rhinoplasty Help Breathing?

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    Due to the nose structure, breathing is a problem affecting people of all ages. Curvatures in the nasal structure or enlargement of the nasal concha can cause breathing problems. Both of these negative conditions consist of approximately 50% of breathing problems.

    Many people with respiratory problems are unaware that the leading cause of the breathing problem is spring from the nose structure. However, breathing problems can be fixed with a Rhinoplasty operation. While the answer to the question "Can Rhinoplasty help breathing" is "yes", many patients apply for Rhinoplasty surgery to breathe healthily.

    Ekol Hospitals performs Rhinoplasty operations to improve aesthetic concerns and eliminate respiratory problems. In the otolaryngology unit, one of the hospital's medical units, it is determined what kind of respiratory problems the patients have. Plastic surgeons and operator otolaryngologists perform a multidisciplinary study in case of aesthetic concerns with existing respiratory problems.

    Surgical interventions are planned for the needs of the patients. A successful Rhinoplasty operation ensures that the patient has a nose that can breathe both aesthetically and healthily.

    The Dual Benefits of Rhinoplasty Surgery: Aesthetic and Respiratory Improvement

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    The rate of Rhinoplasty surgery is increasing day by day. While Rhinoplasty surgery is considered only an aesthetic intervention, it is also applied Nose Job to fix breathing. Rhinoplasty is a surgery that can be performed after the development of the nasal structure is completed. Nose aesthetic surgery can be applied to individuals over 18 with a suitable general health condition.

    Shortly after the operation, people can feel relief in the respiratory tract. Rhinoplasty is an effective treatment method for respiratory problems. Ekol Hospital is an organization that takes the question of "Can Rhinoplasty help breathing" very seriously. Nose aesthetic surgeries performed by specialist doctors do not only relieve the aesthetic concerns of the people. The hospital also allows Rhinoplasty to be performed to recover respiratory tract problems.

    The Purpose of Rhinoplasty

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    Rhinoplasty surgery aims to eliminate respiratory tract problems or give an aesthetic appearance to the person's nose. The fact that the nose has a bony structure and is large compared to the facial features can create aesthetic anxiety in people. An aesthetic appearance can be given to the nose by interventions to the nasal bone during Rhinoplasty. Although Nose Job is generally preferred for aesthetic problems, it is also essential in respiratory tract disorders.

    Due to a nasal fracture experienced in the past, an amorphous fusion of the nasal bone and obstruction of the respiratory tract can make breathing difficult. However, nasal aesthetics can be applied for health problems such as changes in the nasal concha or inflammation of the nasal bones in the sinuses. Respiratory problems can be eliminated by correcting the nasal bone and removing the nasal concha.

    How Rhinoplasty Improves Breathing

    The benefits of Rhinoplasty surgery include aesthetic improvements and relief in the respiratory tract. Occurring nasal airways due to bone or tissue structure makes breathing difficult. With Rhinoplasty, nasal airways can be opened, and air passage can be provided comfortably.

    The answer to the question "When can you breathe after Rhinoplasty" can be given at this point. Tampons are placed in the nose in the first week after Nose Job surgery. After the first week, these tampons are removed by the doctor. Many patients say that even after removing the tampons, they can breathe better than before the surgery. After the swelling and edema formation in the nasal tissue due to the surgery, the patient's breathing becomes quite comfortable. For this reason, the benefits of Rhinoplasty are crucial both in terms of aesthetics and healthy breathing.

    Common Nasal Obstructions

    The nose can become blocked for many different reasons. Nasal concha and deviation (bone curvature) problems in the nasal structure are among the most common causes of nasal congestion. However, besides these two cases, nasal congestion may occur for different reasons. For example, Nasal congestion may develop due to respiratory tract infections such as colds, sinusitis, or allergic reactions. Common causes of nasal congestion are as follows:

    • Hay fever
    • Influenza
    • Seasonal changes
    • Use of alcohol
    • Foreign object in the nose
    • Occupational asthma
    • Changes in hormones
    • Spicy dishes
    • Thyroid disorders
    • Sleep apnea

    Does Rhinoplasty Fix All Breathing Issues?

    Rhinoplasty does not correct all respiratory tract problems, but it is a very effective method for improving respiratory issues caused by the most common deviation problems. This operation is applied in case of nasal curvature and nasal obstruction.

    Not all of the causes mentioned above of nasal obstruction can be fixed with Nose Job surgery. In an infectious condition, the patient is treated with drugs approved by the doctor. If there are changes in the structure of the nose due to a different disease, nasal congestion can be eliminated by treating the main disease.

    Evaluating Candidacy for Breathing-Related Rhinoplasty

    Before Rhinoplasty surgery, the doctor evaluates whether the patient is suitable for surgery. In the examinations to be made on the person's general health status, it is evaluated whether the patient has health problems such as diabetes, heart disease or high blood pressure. People with one of these diseases are generally not suitable for surgery.

    Nasal aesthetic surgery can be applied to individuals over the age of 18 who have a suitable general health condition. Suppose the person has an infectious disease such as sinusitis in the patient's current situation. In that case, this disease is treated first, and the infection situation in the region is improved. While evaluating for Rhinoplasty surgery, it is also examined whether the patient is suitable anesthesia for Rhinoplasty.

    Surgical Techniques for Improved Breathing

    Surgical techniques can also be used for respiratory problems. In particular, deviation surgery is one of the most frequently applied surgical methods. In case of congestion in the respiratory tract due to the curvature of the nose, this problem can be eliminated by nasal aesthetics.

    If people have sinusitis problems, sinusitis surgery is applied. This operation is different from a classical Nose Job surgery, and the purpose of the surgery is to clean the sinuses. However, it is among the methods used for better respiration in different surgical techniques, such as nasal pulp removal, which can also be applied to children.

    Benefits and Risks of Breathing-Related Rhinoplasty

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    With Rhinoplasty surgery, the airway is opened and breathing through the nose is supported. This treatment is an effective method for solving many respiratory problems. The nasal bone structure triggering the sinusitis problem or the obstruction of the nasal passages by the enlargement of the nasal concha can be eliminated by Rhinoplasty surgery.

    In terms of risks, the recovery process after Rhinoplasty is important. By preventing the development of infection in the nasal tissue after the surgery, respiratory tract diseases are not triggered extra. People can breathe comfortably after the necessary improvements in the nose structure by going through a healthy healing process.

    Improving Respiratory Health with Nose Job Surgery at Ekol Hospitals

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    Those who complain about respiratory problems and want to breathing more healthily can fulfil their wishes with Nose Job surgery. If the person is suitable for surgery, the operation process is planned, and the operation needed for healthy breathing is performed successfully.

    Ekol Hospitals performs operations by considering all the patient's needs during the operation planned by the surgeons. In each process of Rhinoplasty, surgical procedures that are suitable for the necessary sterilization conditions and ideal for the patient are applied. In this way, the risk of complications after the surgery is minimized, and the respiratory tract problems of the person are completely eliminated.

    Those who want detailed information about the Ekol Hospitals Rhinoplasty process can contact the patient representatives here. Price information for Nose Job surgery will shared with patients during meetings with patient representatives.


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