How Much is Breast Augmentation in Turkey?

How Much is Breast Augmentation in Turkey?

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    Turkey is a beautiful country, that attracts millions of visitors. She has incredible coasts, historical sites, and more. The more here is its successful private health sector with affordable prices for everyone. You can easily find a reliable health center to have breast augmentation in Turkey.

    Imagine, you receive an e-mail from the medical center's patience service where you will have breast augmentation: “Your flight has just been booked and a nice room at a seaside hotel in İzmir, Turkey has been reserved.” Your journey to healthier and happier days is about to start.

    In this article, we mention the benefits of getting breast augmentation in Turkey. What are the factors that affect the cost of breast augmentation in Turkey? What is included in the cost of breast augmentation? We will talk about the average prices for breast augmentation in Turkey as well.

    Factors That Affect the Cost of Breast Augmentation in Turkey

    You can have breast augmentation abroad, in a reliable and certificated medical center in Turkey. The good news is although you will have equal, probably better conditions and results, you pay much less than the average price of breast augmentation surgery in  Western countries. Plus, if you like, you can have a holiday before your operation.

    How do you pay less for a better service? The main underlying reason is Turkey’s successful private health system with a policy that offers people high quality at lower prices. It has many surgeons most of whom are talented and respected worldwide. Wherever you are, Turkey’s private health sector welcomes you.

    Benefits of Getting Breast Augmentation in Turkey

    You have many benefits from having your breast augmentation surgery in Turkey. Isn’t it nice to discover the beauties of such an amazing country, to experience a different kind of lifestyle in big cities and small towns, visiting historical sites like Ephesus and Bergama? You will go back home in a new shape and with new ideas in your mind. It would be a total refreshment for your body and your soul.

    These are only some of the benefits of getting breast augmentation in Turkey. After a successful result, another benefit is obvious. Next time, you know where to visit for both a magnificent holiday and to have another successful surgery.

    Average Prices For Breast Augmentation in Turkey

    Ekol Hospital is a well-known medical center with experienced surgeons and medical and patient service teams. Ekol Hospital is located in İzmir, a big city, and also a health tourism center in Turkey by the Aegean coast. Ekol Hospital has over 20 years of experience in medical treatment.

    The average price for breast augmentation at Ekol Hospital is between 2800 £ and 3400 £.

    You may pay much higher prices in any other European country. By having your breast augmentation surgery in Turkey, you can save money even after having a holiday before your breast augmentation surgery.

    What is Included in the Cost of Breast Augmentation

    Ekol Hospital has been serving people from abroad for two decades and has very good reviews from visitors from all around the World. “Quality” and “honesty” are the keywords for the success of Ekol Hospital. There is no hidden cost at Ekol Hospital. Some other advantage of having a breast augmentation at Ekol Hospital is the “All-Inclusive package includes: 

    •  Hotel Accommodation
    • VIP Transportation
    • All Prescribed Medications
    • 7/24 Personal Assistance
    • All Necessary Tests Before and After the Operation
    •  One Year Free Consultation
    • Internationally accredited by independent administrative authorities

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