Breast Augmentation Surgery in Turkey: Safe and Affordable

Breast Augmentation Surgery in Turkey: Safe and Affordable

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    You made a booking for a hotel in a city that has a coastline to the Aegean Sea. The reason you did that can be a future holiday. But you may have something different in your mind. Nowadays many people decide to go abroad for medical reasons.

    If you have a specific health problem that does not obstruct you from traveling abroad or have aesthetic concerns about a specific part of your body, as an alternative to the medical centers in your own country, you can consider medical centers with leading experts in other countries.

    In this article that you have just started reading you will have some necessary information about breast augmentation surgery in Turkey. You will also read about the advantages to have breast augmentation surgery in Ekol Hospital, located in İzmir, a beautiful harbor city in Western Turkey.

    Breast Augmentation Surgery Abroad: What You Need to Know

    Let’s start with a simple definition: Breast augmentation is a surgery in that breast implants are used to increase the size and improve the shape of the breast.

    Thinking of breast enlargement abroad? First, you should search every detail about medical centers in these “candidate” cities, one of them where you may have your breast augmentation surgery. Ask your friends and relatives, if any of them have been there. Is there a safety risk? Is it a nice city? How is public transport? Are there some beaches and some historical sites around to be discovered? Is it worth going and having a holiday before the operation?

    Benefits of Breast Augmentation Surgery in Turkey

    Turkey has a solid and budget-friendly private medical system with hundreds of medical centers spread over every city all around the country. You can book a room at a high-standard hotel with reasonable prices very close to the medical center where you decide to have breast enlargement surgery.

    Turkey is one of the most-visited countries and best known for its magnificent Mediterranean and Aegean costs. If you are into history, the options are incredible. You can visit sites from Antic Greece, the Roman Empire, the Sultanate of Rum, and the Ottoman Empire. Adding that countless delicious food from Turkish Cuisine and the friendliness of the local people. You can now enjoy your Turkish tea or Turkish coffee after lunch.

    Preparing for Breast Augmentation Surgery in Turkey

    As soon as you decide on breast enlargement and say, “Yes, the best place to have a breast augmentation surgery is Turkey”,  find out:

    • How surgeons and clinics are regulated in Turkey
    • How standards are enforced

    Ask your surgeon:

    • The training and qualifications they have
    • The organizations they belong to
    • How long they have been practicing
    • The procedures they have done

    If you can communicate in a common language, ask them to explain the whole procedure to you. Frame your concerns and questions, do not hesitate to ask any detail, and do not think what they think about your questions. That’s your breast enlargement decision and this is your breast augmentation operation.

    Advantages of Breast Augmentation Surgery at Ekol Hospitals

    Ekol Hospital is a private medical center located in İzmir, the 3rd biggest city on the Aegean coast of Turkey. Ekol Hospital has a friendly five-star support team within its organization to help you and understand your needs before and after your journey to İzmir and during your stay in the city for your breast enlargement surgery. Some of the advantages at the operation stage in Ekol Hospital are:

    • Medical bra you need after breast enlargement 
    • Made in Germany implants (Polytech Brand)
    •  1-night hospital stay in private suite 
    •  4-night accommodation including breakfast
    •  All prescribed medication 
    •  VIP transfer
    •  1 Year free consultation 
    •  24/7 Personal Assistance Service
    • Satisfaction Guarantee 
    •  All required covid tests

    International Patient Services at Ekol Hospitals

    Ekol Hospital’s International Patient Service will be assisting you with every detail during your journey to İzmir, Turkey. You can make sure the whole process will go like clockwork. Do not worry about your plane ticket, hotel reservation, transportation in the city, and any other details. Ekol Hospital’s dedicated team is ready to help you at any stage of your visit. They will accompany you until the treatment is completed and you are safely back home.

    Additionally, Ekol Hospital’s medical team uses new information and technology and the hospital is being managed as a reference hospital with solutions to health problems based on patient satisfaction.

    Is Breast Augmentation Surgery in Turkey Safe?

    Turkey is a republic that celebrates its 100th anniversary this year in 2023. All sectors in the country, especially the health sector, have a corporate infrastructure with lots of experience. Big cities like İzmir have many medical centers with medical specialists and they focus on some specific fields like breast augmentation, breast enlargement. 

    So, as long as you visit a certificated private center in Turkey, you will not face any unpleasantness.



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