Can Rhinoplasty Cause Cancer?

Can Rhinoplasty Cause Cancer?
22 Feb 2023

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    Patients planning to have Rhinoplasty surgery may have some concerns about the side that may occur due to the changed nose structure after the operation, as well as risks and complications that threaten health.

    While risks such as respiratory disorders may occur after the Rhinoplasty operation, complications may be observed in the skin or soft tissues depending on the techniques used in the surgery. Knowing that Rhinoplasty has such risks may raise concerns about cancer. However, as a result of scientific research, it has been determined that Rhinoplasty does not cause cancer.

    As Ekol Hospitals, we present a transparent attitude throughout the whole process and answer our patients' questions in detail. For this reason, patients can perform the procedure with peace of mind during the Rhinoplasty surgery process.

    Rhinoplasty surgery is an operation that requires surgical interventions on the nose structure. During the surgery, operations are performed on the nose's nasal bone, cartilage, skin and soft tissues. Since the temporary operations cause damage to the region, some risks may occur if the necessary warnings are not followed during the healing process.

    Although Nose Job surgery has some risks, as a result of the studies, there is no cause for cancer concern. However, different risks can develop with nose surgery. Patients should be aware of these risks.

    Potential Risks Associated with Nose Surgery

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    There are several potential risks associated with nose surgery. The accuracy of the procedures applied during the surgery and the patient's careful behavior during recovery affect the risk of developing this complication. Potential risks encountered after Rhinoplasty surgery are divided into main groups. These groups are as follows:

    • Skin and soft tissue complications
    • Infections, systemic and uncommon complications
    • Post-operative deformations
    • Functional disorders
    • Psychological problems

    Difficulty in breathing may occur due to functional disorders after Rhinoplasty. Changes in the nose can reduce the cross-sectional area of the nasal airways. This situation may lead to functional disorders. If the patients do not like the new nose shape after the surgery, psychological problems may occur due to aesthetic anxiety. The incision opened from the tip of the nose for surgery may cause soft tissue complications in the area.

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    Can Rhinoplasty Cause Cancer?

    a woman resting after a surgery

    There is no relationship between Rhinoplasty surgery and the risk of developing cancer. However, Rhinoplasty surgery can cause different complications. The probability of developing an infection due to surgery is very low.

    Some negative symptoms may be observed after the surgery. However, such situations do not lead to life-threatening consequences. Nose Job surgery should be performed in an operating room that complies with sterilization rules.

    A specialist physician should perform a Nose Job operation. This way, the risk of negative scenarios encountered during and after the procedure can be minimized. At this point, a hospital with experienced doctors in the field of Rhinoplasty should be consulted. Those who want more information about Nose Job surgery and to reach up-to-date data on Ekol Hospitals prices can get detailed information from here.

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