Dt. Lara Demetoğlu

Dt. Lara Demetoğlu


Dt. Lara Demetoğlu

Place of Birth and Year

Prizren/Kosovo— 1983

Foreign Language

. English - Advanced

. Albanian - Advanced

. Serbian - Forward

. German - Basic


. Ege University Faculty of Dentistry

. Gymnasium "Gjon Buzuku " science high school Prizren

. Ankara University Language School - TÖMER

. Sh.K.A " Agimi " Music school

Professional Interests

- Aesthetic dentistry

- Prosthetic treatment

- Fixed prostheses,

- Lamina , Movable prostheses

- Total dentures with complete toothlessness,

- Implant-mounted prostheses

- Endodontics- child and adult root canal treatment

- Restorative treatments

- In milk and permanent dental traumas

functional and aesthetic treatments,

- Teeth whitening

. Gum diseases - Gingivitis , Periodontitis

. Treatments under general anesthesia

. Implants

Professional Memberships

Izdo, IADR — (International Association for Dental

Research) Diploma thesis - Laminate veneers

Attended Vocational Training, Courses and Seminars

. TAG-dental digital surgery solution education


- Dental - Basic implantology curriculum


- L-prf (leukocyte and platelet rich fibrin)

assisted oral ogmentation course

- Oral rehabilitation in head and neck cancers.

Alphabio - Prof.Dr. Good Luck, Dr. Pride


- Graft-free implantology & implant-top prostheses.

Dt. Ahmet Kiğılı Dr.Uğur Meriç

. Emergency situations and solutions in dentistry

Sevtap Prof Günbay

- Oral surgical approach in systemic diseases

mode 1- Prof. Dr.Bahar Sezer

. The relationship of periodontitis and systemic diseases

ProfJames Deschner

Pain in the area of the jaws and face
Evaluation and current treatment
Prof. Sevtap Günbay
22. International dentistry congress - Izmir
22. International dentistry congress - Istanbul

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