Opr. Dr. Gökhan Toker


Opr. Dr. Gökhan Toker
He finished İzmir Atatürk Highschool in year 1983. He graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Medicine in year 1999 and completed his speciality in İzmir Behçet Uz Children’s Diseases Research and Educational Hospital in the branch of Orthopedics & Traumatology between 1991- 1996. He also studied one year in İzmir Educational and Research Hospital. He worked in Bornova Emergency and Traumatology Hospital between 2007 – 2010 and Bozyaka Educational and Research Hospital. He has experience of 25 years about Hip and Knee prosthesis and their revisions. He is an active member of İzmir Chamber of Doctors and European Hip Society. He has several oral and written presentations in both national and international meetings and he has multiple articles published in national & international magazines.
He is married and father of one child. He speaks fluent English.
Special areas of interest:
  • Hip Replacement and Hip Replacement Revision Surgery
  • Knee Replacement and Knee Replacement Revision Surgery
  • Shoulder, Elbow and Ankle Prosthesis Surgery
  • Orthopedic Tumor Surgery
  • Knee Arthroscopy (meniscus tear repairs, anterior-posterior cruciate ligament repair, inner-outer lateral ligament repairs, alignment disorders, cartilage damage and calcification treatment)
  • Arthroscopic treatment of the Elbow and Ankle Problems and Prosthesis Surgery (Knee, Elbow, Shoulder and Hip)
  • Upper and Lower Extremity Trauma Surgery (surgical and non-surgical treatment of fractures and dislocations), Foot and ankle deformity surgeries (hallux valgus, hallux rigidus, morton neuroma, nail surgeries)
  • Nerve Surgeries (carpal-hand, cubital-elbow, tarsal-foot etc.)
  • Sportmen’s Health and Surgeries
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