What is The Safest Way to Enlarge Breasts?

What is The Safest Way to Enlarge Breasts?

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    Breast enlargement has been one of the most common medical procedures performed by surgeons for decades. Women have some main reasons for having breast enlargement surgeries: Aesthetic concerns and to gain self-confidence with a better look. Whatever the reason, it is an important decision to shape your life.

    It is said that diet is not working for breast enlargement. Exercises work only to increase the strength and tone of your chest muscles. What about breast enlargement surgeries? Yes, as long as you pick your way, breast enlargement surgery is the safest way to enlarge your breast.

    In this essay, we will mention some safety considerations for breast enlargement and how to choose the safest method for breast enlargement. We will also talk about the surgical methods for breast enlargement and the reasons for consulting with a qualified surgeon.

    Surgical Methods for Breast Enlargement

    Breast implants and fat transfer augmentation are the types of breast augmentation surgery. These are the main categories and in their sub-categories, some other options can be considered. It is very important to know the risks and the benefits of all. In the breast implants category, some options are itemized as:

    • Salin Breast Implants
    • Structured saline breast implants
    • Form-stable breast implants
    • Round breast implants
    • Smooth breast implants
    • Textured breast implants 

    Fat transfer breast augmentation is a procedure in which the surgeon uses a liposuction technic to remove fat cells from the patient’s body. Then, the surgeon injects the fat cells into the patient’s breast. Fat transfer augmentation is known as safer than breast implants.

    Safety Considerations for Breast Enlargement

    If your final decision is for a breast enlargement, you should know the risks and benefits. Beyond doubt, you know about yourself best. That’s why your decision is very personal. Your surgeon also will talk to you about some details and you will find the safest way to have breast enlargement. Before the surgery, you will ask to sign some consent forms. Before doing that, make sure to understand every detail about the risks and complications in every step that a breast enlargement procedure bears.

    Choosing the Safest Method for Breast Enlargement

    Since it started to be performed, as more and more women have preferred breast enlargement surgery, the methods are being improved in terms of safety to increase the concerns and the risks regarding the operation. If asked what the safest method for breast enlargement is; it can be said that the answer depends on the patient.

    If your Body Mass Index is average, you may have a fat transfer breast augmentation, but if it is lower than normal, you are not suggested. On the other hand, before making a decision, you should consider some risks of breast implants which are:

    • Infection
    • Breast pain
    • Leaking
    • Tearing
    • Implant leakage
    • Poor scarring

    Consulting with a Qualified Surgeon

    Breast augmentation is a common operation and has a high satisfaction rate. In the USA, it is known that about 300.000 women have breast augmentation every year. There are many surgeons in the field as experts but the best thing to do for yourself is to find the right one. You are suggested to consult a board-certified plastic surgeon. Once you have found the right surgeon for you, feel free to talk to the surgeon about your safety concerns and everything on your mind.

    Be sure to consult a board-certified plastic surgeon and discuss your wants, needs, and concerns. Together you’ll decide on the type of augmentation and surgery that works best for you.









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