As Ekol Hospitals, a brand of Ekol Hospital Healthcare Group in Izmir, Turkey, we are pleased to announce the VIP PACKAGE, the most special project you have ever seen. Our staff will give you a warm welcome and make you feel comfortable upon your
arrival and throughout your whole journey with us.

The services offered for this project are as below:
• Gastric Sleeve Surgery
• Round-trip flight tickets
• VIP Transfer in Turkey from/to the airport/hospital/hotel (Including your country home to Airport / Airport to Home )
• VIP Transfer with Mercedes branded luxury vehicles in the UK or Ireland from/to airport / your home
• All Pre op blood tests and examinations
• All Post-op blood tests ( Randox Laboratories in the UK or Ireland )
• All prescribed medication and vitamins
• Hospital stay 3 Nights
• Hotel accommodation 1 Night
• One year free follow up services provided by our representatives
• Price in £ : 4000
• Price in € : 4300
On your way to the happier and healthier you, we will always be by your side and
you will be member of new family.

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