The Latest Treatment Techniques in the Fight Against Cancer

The Latest Treatment Techniques in the Fight Against Cancer
30 Mar 2023

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    With advances in medicine, new treatment techniques have emerged in cancer. There have been many innovations in cancer treatment in recent years and new treatment techniques have been developed. These methods are promising to traditional treatment options.  New treatment options contribute to the healing process by improving the quality of life of patients.

    Treatment methods used in cancer treatment in recent years are as follows:


    Cancer immunotherapy is a type of biological therapy used to treat cancer. Immunotherapy aims to get the body to use its own immune system to fight cancer cells. Cancer immunotherapy uses antibodies targeted to specific molecules on the surface of cancer cells, or drugs that increase the activity of immune cells that recognize cancer cells. This method of therapy makes it easier for cancer cells to be recognized and destroyed by the body's immune system.

    Cancer immunotherapy can be applied in many different ways. For example, antibodies targeting specific molecules on the surface of cancer cells can be used to more easily introduce cancer cells to immune cells. Drugs that activate immune system cells and kill cancer cells can also be used.

    A Targeted Treatment

    Targeted therapy for cancer involves treatments that act on target molecules that are specific to cancer cells. These molecules can be proteins, enzymes and other biochemical targets that help cancer cells grow and divide differently from normal cells.

    Because targeted therapies directly target cancer cells, they cause less damage to normal cells and so can reduce side effects like other cancer treatments (such as chemotherapy).

    Targeted therapies can be used in different ways depending on the type of cancer, its progression and the genetic characteristics of the individual patient. These therapies are an important part of cancer treatment and can improve patients' quality of life.

    Gene Therapy

    Gene therapy is a treatment that targets changes in cancer cells. This treatment can change genes to correct changes in cancer cells or prevent healthy cells from turning into cancer cells. It can stop cancer cells from growing or kill cancerous cells.

    Proton therapy

    Proton therapy uses high-energy proton beams to destroy cancer cells. This treatment causes more damage to cancerous cells and less damage to healthy cells.

    Robotic Surgery

    Robotic surgery is a method that uses robotic technology to surgically remove cancerous tissues. This method can speed up patients' recovery and carries less risk of complications.

    These latest treatment techniques are promising options for cancer treatment, but they may not be suitable for every type of cancer and are not suitable for every patient. To decide which treatment to use, the patient's medical history, stage of cancer, type of cancer, general health and response to treatment are taken into account.

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