As Ekol Hospitals, we are very proud to introduce our Sleeve Mates 8 Project. We have recently conducted our Sleeve Mates 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 Projects with many happy patients, which have been a great success.
It is now time to get our fourth project underway. The staff at Ekol Hospitals are 100% committed to caring for our patients. We understand that the idea of having surgery abroad can be discomforting for some of our valued patients, but there is absolutely nothing to worry about.

We are delighted to announce our Sleeve Mates 8 from England – Ireland - Scotland which will take place from 18 September – 25 September 2023.

We welcome patients from both sides of the border who will be with accompanied of British, Irish, Scotish native reps  throughout your journey.

Our Sleeve-Mates package includes:
✅Obesity Surgery
✅Vip Transfer
✅Flight Tickets
✅Personal Assistance
✅All Medications
✅Accompanied By Scots, Irish and British Representative

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