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Penis Enlargement/Thickening

Penis Enlargement/Thickening

The size and the width of the penis sometimes might not be as desired and might cause problems in couples’ relationship or create depression in men. But thanks to modern medicine, there is a solution: PENIS ENLARGEMENT OPERATION.



Frequently Asked Questions

Not every aesthetic surgeon can perform penis enlargement surgery. There are maybe 10 or 15 surgeons in Europe who perform penis enlargement and 3 of them are in our hospital! With great experience, high number of cases and %100 patient satisfaction, our surgeons will perform your operation totally safe and secure!
Procedure is totally safe. The complications are rare and very minor, including temporary swelling and mild bruising. Since the procedure doesn’t involve interventions in to the penis, you will not have any side affects after the operation. It is only an esthetic correction.
The operation is mostly performed under general anesthesia and patient might get discharged in same day, a few hours after the operation while some of them are hospitalized 1 night in order to get rid of the anesthetics.
A 3 to 4 cm of increase in the size is mostly expected from penis enlargement surgeries. A physical examinations should be performed before the operation and the patient should be informed about the expected size after the surgery. If you are happy with the length of the penis, you can choose to have only more girth.
Healing following the procedure occurs rapidly. The bruises and post-procedure swelling should decrease in approximately 5 days. After approximately two months, you will see an additional increase in width due to increased blood flow to the added body fat.
Your surgeon might advice you to apply massage a few weeks after the surgery. This will be decided according to the results and the procedure. Most of our patients don’t need to carry weight bags.
Sexual intercourse for 4-6 weeks is not recommended. You also should’t wear tight boxers, underwear or jeans for a couple of weeks. These instructions will be given by your surgeon.
In our clinic, the unseen portion of the penis is stuck out by loosening the superficial and hanging ligaments of the penis. This extension situation manifests itself either the penis is dull or in the erection case. It does not cause any loss of sense or loss of sensation in the penis. In conclusion, a maximum net extension of three to four centimeters is obtained in the penis. The thickening procedure of the penis is ensured by injecting the fat tissue taken from the patient himself or herself into the penis. The patient may return to his or her home following the surgery without being narcotized via general anesthesia and without feeling pain during surgery. In some cases, if liposuction is planned particularly to the upper portion of the penis root, general anesthesia is preferred.