Is It Safe to Get a Nose Job in Turkey?

Is It Safe to Get a Nose Job in Turkey?

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    Nose job is a surgical operation performed to fix problems in the shape of the nose. Many people apply for Rhinoplasty surgery to correct congenital disabilities and deformations in the nasal structure due to an impact or injury to the nose.

    Rhinoplasty is a surgery that is applied to people who want to eliminate aesthetic concerns about the nose structure. This procedure also straightens respiratory problems related to the nasal system. Thousands of people plan for Nose Job yearly and get an aesthetic nose with professional touches.

    Rhinoplasty is a surgery that attracts great attention around the world. People who want this operation even travel to different countries for a successful operation.

    Due to the price differences between countries, countries that have proven their success in the health field open their doors to foreign patients. One of these countries is Turkey.

    Turkey has been appreciated worldwide for its successful results in Rhinoplasty surgeries. Thanks to the affordable price of the health sector in Turkey, patients with a low budget can have an aesthetic appearance by eliminating the defects in the nose structure. In line with these features, the idea of going to Turkey for Nose Job has attracted the attention of many people.

    The question "Is it safe to get a nose job in Turkey" is one of the most frequently asked questions by foreign patients. It is a country that provides superior service with private health institutions. Thanks to the surgeries performed by professional physicians in sterile environments, patients can choose Turkey with peace of mind.

    While health institutions in Izmir and Istanbul attract significant attention, Ekol Hospitals is a hospital that has proven itself in the field of aesthetic surgery. Those who want to complete a professional Nose Job process at affordable prices can find the right address with Ekol Hospitals.

    Going to Turkey for Rhinoplasty

    People who want to have Nose Job abroad usually do research on the internet and prefer countries with professional health services. Health institutions serving in Turkey have proven their success in Rhinoplasty surgeries and enable people to achieve the nose of their dreams.

    Private health institutions, such as Ekol Hospitals, provide a perfect service to patients who come for Nose Aesthetics.

    Patients can get support from our representatives throughout the process and stay in our luxury hospital following all sterilization conditions. We provide you with the ideal nose structure for your facial features and return to your country happily.

    The fees offered to people to answer the question "How much does a nose job cost in Turkey" is important in the patient's preference. It is a country that draws attention with its exchange rate difference and affordable healthcare services compared to other countries.

    While Rhinoplasty is considered costly, it is possible to reach a professional surgical process with affordable prices in Turkey.

    Is Turkey Good for Rhinoplasty?

    Going to Turkey for Rhinoplasty has become one of the popular trends in health tourism. When the comments of the patients who returned to their countries after the Nose Job operation are examined, it is almost non-existent to come across a person who regrets choosing Turkey.

    After choosing Turkey as the right destination, having surgery in the right hospital here brings a happy result. Feeling that you receive exceptional service at every moment of the process will make you very satisfied. The development of the completion of the entire recovery process once again proves that Turkey is the right choice.

    Turkey is a unique address for plastic surgery where the ideal nose structure will be customized individually. It also offers a highly appreciated healthcare service by prioritizing patient satisfaction throughout the entire process.

    Hospitals serving in Izmir and Istanbul perfectly function by anticipating all the foreign support patients may need. This way, achieving a healthy and fashionable nose structure without any problems is possible.

    How to Get a Nose Job in Turkey?

    Rhinoplasty in Turkey is applied with the latest technology devices and an approach that closely follows the latest developments in the medical world. The whole process is carried out within the scope of the titles determined by the health units and the World Health Organization.

    Before the operation, the doctor evaluates the patient's suitability for surgery. The procedure can be applied to every adult woman and man with a suitable general health condition starting from 18.

    If the general health status of the patient is appropriate the process begins. The most suitable nose shape for the patient's facial features is determined in accordance with the doctor's evaluations. The patient's expectations for the surgery's outcome are also considered.

    As Ekol Hospitals, we implement all Nose Job treatment processes that our patients may need. These processes can be listed as follows:

    • Open Rhinoplasty technique
    • Closed Nose Job
    • Ethnic Nasal Aesthetics
    • Revision Nasal Aesthetics
    • Nose Tip Aesthetics
    • Endoscopic or Dynamic Nose Operations

    The question of "How to get a nose job in Turkey" may vary depending on the chosen method that the patient needs. However, a standard Nose Job is usually performed under general anesthesia. The duration of the operation varies according to the patient's nose structure and the required procedures.

    The nasal meats, bone and cartilage tissue are intervened during the surgery. After the operation, the patient is kept under observation in the hospital for at least one day.

    Your doctor prioritizes the importance of the healing process in the success of the surgery by sharing all the information you may need during the recovery process. In this way, all information support that may be needed both during and after the operation is provided with healthy communication.

    Which Cities Can You Get a Nose Job in Turkey?

    Health institutions serving in many cities of Turkey can be preferred for Nose Job with peace of mind. It is one of the most frequently performed surgeries in private hospitals serving big cities. However, Izmir and Istanbul stand out with their success in that kind of surgery.

    İzmir Ekol Hospitals is one of the reliable institutions that provide the best service in the field of aesthetic surgery.

    Patients from abroad can also plan to explore the beauty of Izmir. Since swimming will be prohibited for a certain period after the surgery, you can choose perfect destinations where you can make touristic trips without getting tired as much as possible.

    One of the most critical reasons patients from abroad prefer Izmir and Istanbul more is that these cities are touristic places. People discharged from the hospital after the surgery can plan their trips so they will not tire themselves too much.

    Patients can also visit the routes planned by the friendly team of Izmir Ekol Hospitals, so they can better discover the beauties of the city with the help of a guide. While performing touristic trips, the face area must be protected from sun rays and impacts.

    You can increase the pleasure of the whole process by planning good travel and discovering new places. In this way, you can both have a good holiday and collect good memories while returning to your country.

    Patients who prefer Izmir Ekol Hospitals also have the opportunity to see the most popular touristic spots in Turkey.

    Is It Safe to Get a Nose Job in Turkey?

    The question "Is it safe to get a Nose Job in Turkey" is one of the most frequently asked questions by patients who would prefer Turkey. It is a country that has proven its success in medicine, especially plastic surgery, for many years. 

    The Turkish Ministry of Health has a structure demonstrating disciplined work and strict control activities. Within the scope of the Ministry, hospitals are regularly inspected and studies are carried out meticulously to protect the patient's rights of each hospital.

    In addition to a system in which patient rights are protected, performing surgeries by specialist doctors makes Turkey a completely reliable country. This reliability again proves the accuracy and reliability of the question, "Is Turkey good for Rhinoplasty?".

    How Much Does a Nose Job Cost in Turkey?

    Rhinoplasty prices in Turkey vary according to the hospital where the surgery will be performed, the doctor who will perform the surgery and the city in which the hospital is located.

    The first cities that come to mind when plastic surgery is mentioned are Izmir and Istanbul. Hundreds of Nose Job operations are performed every day in these two cities. The fee determined by each institution for the surgery shows some differences.

    It is a very affordable country compared to health institutions serving in Europe and America. In addition to a professional service, accessing this service at affordable prices makes the idea of going to Turkey for Rhinoplasty operations even more attractive.

    Moreover, due to the exchange rate difference, health services have more reasonable fees than in Europe.

    The answer to the question "How much does a Nose Job cost in Turkey" varies according to the current price information. However, you can access accurate, detailed, up-to-date and accurate price information by clicking here.

    How Is the Rhinoplasty Process at Ekol Hospitals?

    The answer to the question “How to get a Nose Job in Turkey” is the same as the application process of a classical Rhinoplasty method. Ekol Hospitals performs meticulous work for the comfort and happiness of the patient at every step while applying standard surgical procedures.

    Ekol Hospitals is a reliable health institution in Turkey with all its medical units. Ekol Hospitals, which performs professional work at every step of the Nose Job operation, works with aesthetic surgeons and otolaryngologists who are experts in the field of Rhinoplasty during the operation process.

    Patients stay in comfortable and luxurious rooms specially allocated for them. All Nose Job is performed in operating rooms prepared under the sterilization rules.

    After the surgery, patients are usually hosted in the hospital overnight to monitor their health. After the completion of all procedures, a tampon is placed in the nose. This tampon remains in the nose for a maximum of one week, depending on the patient's condition.

    In this way, bleeding is prevented, and the shape of the nose is preserved. On the fifth or seventh day after the surgery, the tampons and the suture at the tip of the nose are removed.

    People stay in luxury hotels in Izmir, all processes of which have been completed by Izmir Ekol Hospitals. Upon completion of this process, airport transfer is carried out by private vehicles so that patients can safely return to their countries.

    Rhinoplasty Prices 2023

    Rhinoplasty prices 2023 vary according to the surgical method to be performed. The doctor who will operate the surgery and the hospital where the application will be made affect the rhinoplasty prices in Turkey. Price updates in the health sector and changes in the dollar exchange rate can also make a difference in current prices.

    To obtain accurate and up-to-date price information, it is necessary to contact the patient representatives. After a preliminary discussion with the doctor, the most appropriate surgical method for the patient is decided. It is more accurate to reach straight pricing with online conversations.

    As Ekol Hospitals, we display a transparent approach to our patients. We also inform our patients about all possible costs. In this way, no surprises will be encountered during the process.

    As Ekol Hospitals, our Nose Job pricing is around $2500 on average.

    Ekol Hospitals is an organization that offers professional services at economical prices. You can also contact us to find out how you will receive service at Ekol Hospitals and to visit Turkey to achieve the look of your dreams.

    You can watch the video we prepared for you to learn how we plan travel, airport transfer, surgical operations, accommodation and city trips.

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