ICG is a medicinal dye used in tests to evaluate cardiac output, liver function, and liver blood flow. Additionally, it enhances visibility during procedures like angiography, aiding in the diagnosis of vascular and tissue problems. This specialized medicine must be administered only by a qualified physician or under their direct supervision for safety and effectiveness.

ICG improves visibility during procedures and offers support in diagnosing blood vessel and tissue problems. This dye helps evaluate the bile ducts, lymph nodes, and lymph vessels in women with solid tumors before, during, or after surgery or transplant. It must be applied by a specialist doctor for safe and correct application.

In this article, we will focus on what is an  ICG first. In the second part of the article, we will also have a look at Ekol International Hospital ICG machines and the health group’s expert team. In the final part of the article,  you can read about the services offered by ICG.


What is ICG?

ICG is a valuable diagnostic imaging modality used in retinal choroidal diseases. It helps diagnose various ocular pathologies and ensures the functioning of choroidal and retinal circulation. ICG's notable advantages include its ability to penetrate retinal pigment epithelium, lipid exudates, and serosanginous fluid, resulting in clear images.

Since its approval for human use in 1956, technological advances have enhanced image clarity. ICG has been highly useful in evaluating disorders like wet age-related macular degeneration, retinal angiomatous proliferation, and central serous chorioretinopathy. Ophthalmologists can improve patient outcomes by providing safe and effective ICGA procedures while utilizing these benefits. The interprofessional team plays a crucial role in monitoring patients and managing any adverse events during the procedure, ensuring its success and safety.

Ekol Hospital ICG Machines

As Ekol International Hospitals, we are located in Izmir, the third biggest city in the country. We are a certificated and experienced health group that provides healthcare to both local people and people from all countries. We use high technology in medical and cosmetic procedures and our ICG machines are designed and equipped with high technology in the healthcare sector.

 An ICG procedure at Ekol International Hospital is very safe and causes no pain at all. Our medical experts and other medical staff are working hard to provide you with the best health care possible with our ICG procedure as well.

You will have an easy ICG procedure experience at Ekol International Hospitals. An average ICG session can take 30 minutes to an hour, depending on different factors.

Our Expert Team

Ekol International Hospitals has an experience going back almost a quarter of a century. Turkey is one of the leading countries in medical tourism, our healthcare group is one of the leading healthcare groups in the country. Our specialist ICG  teams at Ekol International Hospitals are made up of highly skilled and expert professionals. Equipped with the latest technology, our team ensures successful ICG procedures with extensive training and experience.

Patient safety and comfort are our top priorities and we strictly adhere to the highest quality and hygiene standards. Our team works collaboratively with other healthcare professionals to provide comprehensive and timely reports, facilitating appropriate treatment planning. You can rely on our competent ICG team to contribute to better patient outcomes and overall well-being by providing reliable and compassionate care.

Services Offered by ICG

ICG has several functions for both diagnosis and treatment in medical settings. ICG, a diagnostic imaging technique in ophthalmology. ICG provides the examination of the choroidal and retinal circulation. It supports specialists in the diagnosis of conditions such as age-related wet macular degeneration, retinal angiomatous proliferation, and central serous chorioretinopathy.

ICG also improves visualization and blood flow assessment during surgeries such as intracranial aneurysm repair. Thus, it is effective in intraoperative imaging. It is also a useful tool for assessing liver function and blood flow and measuring cardiac output. It helps.

ICG is also used in vascular imaging to aid in the diagnosis of peripheral vascular disease and vascular malformations. In some surgical procedures, ICG acts as a fluorescent dye that guides surgeons by improving tissue differentiation and improving surgical precision.

However, it is essential that ICG be used under the supervision of qualified healthcare professionals, and its specific applications may vary according to the capabilities of the medical facility and individual patient needs.

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