How Much Does Laser Eye Surgery Cost in Turkey?

How Much Does Laser Eye Surgery Cost in Turkey?

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    People who want to see well and have flawless eyes without using glasses or lenses apply for laser eye surgery. As a developed country in laser eye surgery, Turkey annually hosts thousands of patients. Laser eye surgery is performed in many private hospitals and eye clinics in Turkey.

    Having perfect vision after just a few minutes of operation is possible thanks to laser eye surgery. The outstanding success of the surgery and the experienced doctors of Ekol Hospitals carry us to the top in laser eye surgery in Turkey.

    People who want to leave their vision problems behind with laser eye surgery are researching "How much does laser eye surgery cost in Turkey?". Turkey is an affordable country in healthcare services compared to European countries.

    Professional services in the health sector in Turkey and procedures performed in luxury hospitals are offered to patients at affordable prices. Thus, patients who want to going abroad for laser eye surgery mostly prefer Turkey. 

    What Is Laser Eye Surgery and How Does It Work?

    Laser eye surgery is a surgical operation performed to fix vision problems in the eye. It is used by people with vision problems such as myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism but does not want to wear glasses or contact lenses. After the preliminary meeting with the doctor, the patient is evaluated for surgery.

    The doctor decides on the patient's suitability for surgery according to the patient's corneal thickness, eye shape and the degree of visual defect. If the surgery is deemed appropriate, a personalized treatment plan is made.

    Laser eye surgery uses an extremely powerful type of light called "Laser". The patient is asked to look steadily at a single point during the operation. With the retractor attached to the eye, the patient's eyes are prevented from blinking during the process.

    While the patient focuses on a certain point, point scratches are applied to the outer surface of the cornea with the help of a laser. Since anesthetic lotion will be applied to the patient's eye before the surgery, the patient does not feel any pain during the process. 

    In laser eye surgery, no incision is made in the eye. Therefore, there is no need for suturing or medical dressing after the surgery. The entire surgical process is completed within 10-15 minutes. After the operation, the patient rests for a few hours and is discharged from the hospital.

    With Laser Eye Surgery, both eyes can be treated on the same day. After the procedure, the eyes are not covered with any bandage. However, special glasses to be provided by Turkey Ekol Hospitals should be used for the period recommended by your doctor to protect the eye against the light.

    How Permanent Is Laser Eye Surgery?

    Laser eye surgery is a lifelong operation. If a proper and professional surgical procedure is performed, the successful outcome of the surgery is usually permanent. However, if the patient's eye size is too large or surgery is performed in a situation where eye development is not complete, there may be minimal growth in the eye number after the surgery. For this reason, laser eye surgery in Turkey is applied to individuals over 18.

    There is usually no need for glasses or contact lenses after laser eye surgery. However, the doctor may consciously leave the eye in a certain number in people with a vast eye number. In such cases, the use of glasses can be continued, and the eye number may enlarge over time. In such cases, laser surgery can be applied a second time if the patient requests it.

    How Long Does It Take to Recover from Laser Eye Surgery?

    Patients who want to going abroad for laser eye surgery may be concerned about difficulties in the healing process. However, the recovery process after laser eye surgery is quite effortless. In such cases:

    • Patients come back to work the day after the surgery.
    • Patients can take a shower two days after the operation.
    • Patients can put on makeup three days after the procedure.
    • One week after the process, patients can do sports by being careful about not to get any blows to the eyes.

    If the patients do not have enough time in Turkey, they can complete the recovery process in their own country. However, before returning to the country, Ekol Hospitals should be visited again, and a postoperative control should be performed.

    After the necessary controls, the patient's health condition and eye situation are checked. Finally, the patients can take the plane to return to their country with peace of mind.

    It takes about one month for the eye to see clearly after the surgery. Depending on the laser technique, the process may take up to 2 to 3 months. In such cases, there should be no concern, and the healing process of the eye should be followed closely.

    Is Laser Eye Surgery in Turkey Safe?

    Turkey is a country that has achieved successful results in laser eye surgeries. Many health institutions within Turkey's borders ensure that thousands of patients successfully leave their vision problems behind every year. For an operation in safe conditions, the hospital that performs the best laser eye surgery in Turkey should be preferred.

    Ekol Hospitals includes surgeries performed by physicians specializing in eye diseases and the latest technological devices. As a healthcare organization that has prioritized patient satisfaction with a professional team for years, we are proud to be a reliable address for laser eye surgeries.

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    Various topics affect the success and safety of laser eye surgery. The first of these headings is sterilization. The operating room environment where laser eye surgeries are performed should be sterile. Necessary sterilization processes should be applied for each of the devices used.

    In this way, infections that may develop after surgery are prevented to a great extent. Studies and inspections are carried out regularly to ensure the necessary sterilization conditions in Turkey hospitals.

    The physician who will perform the surgery in laser eye should be very experienced and professional in the field of laser eye surgery. If more than necessary intervention is performed during the surgery, the vision problem may not be improved. At this point, deciding on the correct laser technique for the patient, completing the necessary applications and applying the correct rate affect the success of the surgery.

    Turkey also has the necessary competence at this point. It is a country where physicians can access all the education they need in medical school. With the seminars organized by health institutions in Turkey, it is ensured that physicians closely follow up-to-date data and studies are carried out in light of this information.

    When all these topics come together, Turkey again proves that it is a reliable country in laser eye surgery. 

    How Much Does Laser Eye Surgery Cost in Turkey?

    The cost of laser eye surgery varies according to the hospital where the application will be made, the laser method to be applied and the current healthcare prices of the period. Therefore, it is impossible to say the specific cost of laser eye surgery in Turkey.

    However, a general comparison can be made between Turkey and other countries within the scope of the price cap.

    Turkey is one of the countries that draws attention with affordable health services and successful health tourism organizations. The affordable price of health services due to the exchange rate difference ensures that the health services offered in Turkey are affordable.

    As in many areas of the health sector, laser eye surgeries are much more cost-effective in Turkey when compared with Europe and America.

    People who decide to have laser eye surgery can access detailed information about the process as well as current price information through Ekol Hospitals' patient representatives.

    Moreover, you can also get the current answer to the questions and the current price information.

    Where to Get Laser Eye Surgery in Turkey?

    In laser eye surgery, the doctor's expertise, the hospital's conditions and the device's quality are essential. Treatment performed by a professional physician with suitable devices brings successful operations. Turkey is a country that attracts great attention within the scope of laser eye surgery.

    Due to its intense interest, it has many hospitals performing laser eye surgery. However, the success rate of these hospitals also varies among each other. At this point, Ekol Hospitals is a prominent health institution.

    eye surgery operation

    Many domestic and foreign patients prefer Ekol Hospitals' health institutions for the best laser eye surgery in Turkey. The organization, which performs operations with state-of-the-art devices in the light of up-to-date information, provides its patients with healthy days.

    Thanks to Ekol Hospitals, it is possible to leave vision problems in the past and to reach professional services at affordable prices. Do not delay your life to see the world more beautiful! Enjoy watching the world with the naked eye by contacting us.

    You can get more information about Turkey, İzmir and Ekol Hospitals by watching the video we prepared for you.

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