Hair Transplant in Turkey

Hair Transplant in Turkey

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    Hair thinning or baldness is one of the most common problems in today's world. With increasing stress factors in daily life, baldness is a serious problem that both women and men complain about from a young age. Thanks to various methods developed in the medical world, it is now possible to find a permanent solution to the baldness problem.

    Hair transplant is an effective and permanent solution applied worldwide against hair loss. Today, two main methods, FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and DHI (Direct Hair Implantation), are frequently preferred. Thanks to these procedures performed with your own hair follicles, you can have natural-looking, bushy hair.

    Although hair transplant techniques are applied in many countries, some countries make a difference and stand out in this regard. As in all health sectors, Turkey also shows its success in hair transplant treatments. The country's success continues to increase daily by having specialist physicians in the field of hair transplant and performing procedures with quality materials. This situation has made Turkey one of the most preferred countries for hair transplants.

    Turkey also draws attention with its affordable prices and successful results in hair treatments. Turkey, where the health sector is affordable, is a low-cost country compared to many European countries due to the exchange rate difference. This situation attracts the attention of thousands of patients who want to have a hair transplant with a low budget and achieve a successful result. Patients coming from abroad may prefer many hospitals in Izmir and Istanbul.

    How Much Is a Hair Transplant in Turkey?

    Hair transplant fees have serious price differences between countries. Turkey is a country that stands out in price-performance comparison. Surgery performed by specialist physicians in hair treatments is offered to patients at very reasonable prices.

    Hair transplant prices vary according to hospital conditions, which method will be applied and how many hair follicles will be transplanted during the procedure. For this reason, it is recommended to contact the relevant hospital's patient representatives to obtain detailed and accurate information about all treatment fees.

    The depreciation of the Turkish lira against major currencies makes hair transplantation attractive. Since the exchange rate difference is constantly changing, the current prices fees do not remain constant. At this point, it is healthier to get price information close to the date of the transaction. Creating a road map in this way prevents encountering a surprise price on a trip to Turkey.

    Hospitals serving for hair transplant in Izmir and Istanbul may have a higher price than hospitals in other cities. However, since these hospitals are places that perform more hair transplants, their success rates are higher in parallel. For a successful hair treatment, the priority should be focused not on the price but on the quality of the hospital and applied treatment successes.

    At this point, İzmir Ekol Hospital is one of the most preferred addresses with its successful treatments and affordable prices. With the privilege of Ekol Hospitals, it is possible to reach a perfect service with a low budget. We serve patient representatives who support patients throughout the process, professional physicians in hair transplant, sterile operating rooms, and luxurious and comfortable rooms.

    Which Hair Transplant is Best in Turkey?

    hair transplant in turkey

    Hair treatment methods continue to develop day by day. FUE and DHI, among the most popular applications of recent times, are permanent solutions to the baldness problem if applied by the right people. FUE is a method recommended for people who have a wide bald area. It can be used in more places in a single session.

    On the other hand, DHI is a method that comes to the forefront for people who have thinning hair in a particular area and need more frequent transplantation. There are fundamental differences between the applications. While these differences are advantageous for some people, they are not essential for others.

    When deciding on the best hair transplant method for a person, the person's scalp, the number of hair follicles, the extent of the baldness and the budget should be considered. During the preliminary meeting with the doctor, your doctor will support you in choosing the right application for your wishes. In this way, the best hair treatment can be achieved.

    Today, the FUT technique is a less applied method. With the developing technology, the traditional FUT technique has lost its popularity. The basis of this situation is that the FUT method is laborious. Although the FUT technique, which causes severe damage to the scalp, was a preferred method in the early 2000s, today it has been replaced by FUE and DHI methods, which can be applied without any incision.

    Nowadays, the most practical and most applied method is FUE. However, the advantages of the DHI method should be considered. DHI is applied with a technique similar to the FUE method. However, in the DHI model, opening a follicular channel for each hair follicle is not necessary.

    In this method, after the hair follicles are collected from the donor area, they are transplanted one by one with a special implanter pen. Compared to FUE, DHI patients recover in a shorter time. Thanks to less damage to the scalp during the procedure, the redness on the head disappear within a few days.

    DHI is a more prominent technique for people dealing with the problem of sparsity in certain regions. Another essential feature of the DHI technique is that people who apply it do not have to shave their hair. People can have the DHI method with their existing hair. The fact that the hair does not need to be shaved ensures that women also prefer the DHI method.

    Ekol Hospitals is a healthcare institution that prioritizes FUE and DHI methods. After the evaluations according to your needs, the most appropriate way is decided for you. By sharing all the information that patients may need about both methods, we ensure that the process proceeds transparently. In this way, we carry out both patient satisfaction and a successful treatment process together with the patient.

    How Much Does a Hair Transplant Cost?

    hair transplant in turkey

    Hair transplant fee in Turkey differs according to many variables. In order to give the correct price information, a personalized price must be determined within the scope of these variables. The factors affecting the planting cost can be listed as follows:

    • The clinic where the application was made
    • The doctor who performed the application
    • Hair transplant method
    • How many hair follicles (grafts) will be transplanted in a single session

    As in every country, some provinces of Turkey are at the forefront of hair transplantation and are more expensive due to their living standards. Izmir and Istanbul are among the cities that come to the fore in hair transplantation.

    In both provinces, many private hospitals perform hair treatments. The pricing of each of these private hospitals is different from each other. If the European and American countries are to be compared, the prices in Turkish hospitals are more cost-effective in every way. However, it is necessary to contact the hospital to obtain current price information.

    Which hair transplant method will be used is also a significant factor in the application fees. Today, while FUE and DHI methods are frequently applied, there are serious pricing differences between these methods. The DHI method is more expensive than the FUE method. The fact that DHI requires more expertise and is a longer transaction increases the transaction fee. Therefore, when getting price information, it should be specified which application is desired.

    The number of hair follicles transplanted in a single session can also change the price. Since the baldness problem of some people has spread over a wider area, 5000-7000, grafts can be transplanted in one session.

    This situation will also affect the treatment fee. To get exact price information, it is necessary to interview the doctor and the patient to determine how many hair follicles will be transplanted to the person and to determine which method will be applied.

    Cost of Hair Transplant in Turkey

    Hair transplant in Turkey attracts attention with their affordable prices. Providing access to the professional planting process with an appropriate budget attracts the attention of many people. The fact that the health sector is generally cheap in Turkey ensures that hair transplant methods are affordable.

    This situation allows people with baldness problems in many countries to come to Turkey for treatment. Although hair transplant prices in Turkey are generally affordable, they vary according to the hospital where the application is made.

    At this point, the difference between Ekol Hospitals, which has both a professional service and economical pricing, emerges. You can access more detailed information about the hair transplant process by contacting Ekol Hospitals' patient representatives. You can find accurate and up-to-date information about prices in Turkey here.

    Hair Transplant in Izmir

    İzmir is one of the cities that come to the fore in hair treatments. It allows patients to take a tourist trip and get the hair of their dreams. Ekol Hospitals, serving in Izmir, is one of Turkey's best-known addresses for hair treatments. We bring you the correct methods with our experienced team and high-tech hair transplant technicians.

    The planting process in İzmir can be both affordable and enjoyable. Patients get the chance to discover the beauties of İzmir, together with the successful hair implant. During their time, they see one of Turkey's favorite cities. Thanks to its central location, Ekol Hospitals has easy transportation conditions. Therefore, you can comfortably stay in any place in Izmir without difficulties.

    Hair Transplant in Istanbul

    Another city famous for hair treatments is Istanbul. There are many clinics or private hospitals for hair transplant in Istanbul. Here, patients have the chance to have a successful treatment process and to see Istanbul. However, since there are many options for hair operations in Istanbul, it can create confusion in patients' minds.

    It is essential to reach the correct address for a successful planting process. Ekol Hospitals guarantees a successful hair transplant with a single session, ensuring that all domestic and foreign patients receive successful service and return to their homes happily.

    Hair Transplant Cost in Mexico

    Hair transplantation is an application that is applied in many different countries of the world and is in high demand. The price difference between countries makes certain places preferable for planting operations. One of these countries is Mexico.

    Mexico is one of the countries where thousands of people travel for hair transplant treatment every year. Thanks to the health institutions in the country, Mexico has become one of the developing countries in the health sector to provide international services.

    Mexico draws attention to the prices it offers for planting operations. The fact that it provides an affordable service in the health sector brings Mexico to the fore. The dollar rate determines hair transplant prices. To compare Turkey and Mexico, it is a country that performs more professional hair transplant operations and offers more affordable services than Mexico.

    Hair Transplant Cost in India

    Another country that is famous for hair transplantation is India. India, like Mexico, is a country that draws attention with its affordable prices. The meagre cost of health services in the country, and the fact that the country's development still needs to be improved make India affordable for hair transplants.

    However, it should be remembered that a hair transplant is a procedure that should be performed in sterile and experienced clinics. For example, in methods such as FUE, follicular channels are opened on the scalp. Although stitches are not required for these micro-sized incisions, the patient should be extremely careful about scalp hygiene.

    Otherwise, an infection may develop on the scalp, and the treatment may be adversely affected. At this point, choosing countries that have come to the fore with the hygiene and institutionalism of their hospitals is recommended.

    Hair Transplant Cost in USA

    The USA is a high-cost country in healthcare. The country's health services are higher priced than many countries worldwide, and this cost is also reflected in hair transplant methods. The operations performed in private hospitals are affected by the expense of the hospitals.

    At this point, people prefer to turn to different countries instead of the USA. They can have more affordable hair transplantation in countries such as Mexico and India, especially in Turkey. A successful operation can be performed in the best hair transplant in Turkey under sterile conditions with an expert staff. However, with a lower budget, you can achieve the natural-looking strong hair of your dreams and have the opportunity to take a vacation.

    Hair Transplant Cost in UK

    England is one of the countries that stand out with its development in the health sector. It has a health system that has announced its achievements to the world with its many medical units. This success of the country is also seen in hair transplant.

    Many famous names prefer England for hair transplant operations, and this situation causes England to be famous around the world. However, the fact that the UK offers prices in pounds results in the middle economic level individuals being unable to prefer the UK for planting operations. At this point, Turkey comes to the fore.

    Ekol Hospitals, which has one of the best hair transplant centers in Turkey, is a healthcare institution with thousands of successful results in both FUE and DHI techniques. The lower budget of the operation process makes it possible to achieve the hair of dreams.

    How to Book Hair Transplant in Turkey?

    hair transplant in turkey

    Patients who want to have a hair transplant in Turkey should contact the chosen hospital. They can reach detailed information about the procedures by communicating with the patient representatives of the hospital or clinic. After the basic information is shared, photographs of the patient's hairstyle and scalp are requested to determine whether the patient is suitable for the procedure.

    The doctor checks these photos, and the results of the patient's requested blood tests are examined. This way, the pre-examination process is completed before the patient comes to the hospital. When the patient comes to Turkey, they do not encounter a negative situation indicating that he is unsuitable for the procedure.

    After all these steps, patient representatives determine a day according to the availability of both the hospital and the patient. Our patient representative carries out all hair transplant in Turkey procedures via our website and service number.

    How Safe is Hair Transplant in Turkey?

    Turkey is a country that closely follows the developments in the health sector and carries out transactions in light of up-to-date data. Health institutions serving in Turkey are kept under control by the ministry. A successful medical education curriculum ensures that doctors trained in Turkey are well-equipped.

    The proper education and the right treatment make Turkey a reliable country for hair treatments. Some health organizations have proven the country's reliability with their successful results. Ekol Hospitals, one of the best hair transplant in Turkey, has many references in hair transplant and other aesthetic surgery procedures.

    Why is Hair Transplant Cheap in Turkey?

    Hair transplant in Turkey attracts the attention of many foreign citizens with their affordable prices. Its cheapness may cause some patients to doubt the quality of the procedure. However, there are two main explanations for the low cost of the entire planting process. It is more affordable in healthcare services than the rest of Europe. Transactions are performed with quality costs in European and US standards.

    Another reason behind the cheapness is the exchange rate difference. Due to the exchange rate difference between the Turkish Lira and Dollar, planting techniques have lower pricing. Both situations show a profound pricing difference between Turkey and other countries.

    How Hair Transplant Works?

    Hair transplant varies according to the application technique to be performed. Today, two main planting methods have been proven successful and applied worldwide. These methods are FUE and DHI methods. Follicular Unit Extraction, its full name FUE is the process of taking one's hair follicles and transplanting them into the bald area.

    In this method, a large area can be treated; usually, the entire treatment can be completed with a single session. It consists of collecting hair follicles, opening a follicular canal on the scalp, and then transplanting each hair follicle one by one.

    DHI, on the other hand, is a method that has Direct hair implantation and is basically similar to FUE. However, DHI is generally preferred for areas with more limited hair sparseness. The difference from FUE is that there is no need to open the follicular canal during this procedure.

    Both methods are applied under local anesthesia, and the patient does not feel pain during the procedure. After the process, there is no need for stitches and people are discharged from the hospital on the same day. Which method will be applied to the patient is decided within the scope of the doctor's opinions, the patient's budget and expectations.

    Can You Lose Hair Again After Transplant?

    hair transplant in turkey

    Hair transplant is one of the permanent treatment methods for hair thinning and baldness. If it is applied successfully and the proper technique is preferred, the baldness problem can be eliminated in a single session. However, mistakes such as incorrect application of the method and determining the donor area where the hair follicles are not strong enough may cause the hair to shed again.

    If there is a hair loss problem, regardless of the area where the hair transplant is made, this is not related to the treatment. Working with an experienced therapist is essential for an ultimately successful result. The best hair transplant doctors in Turkey work within Ekol Hospitals. Doctors meticulously apply the proper techniques for the patient.

    Ekol Hospitals performs a detailed study to determine the patient's suitability for hair procedures. In this direction, it is ensured that the patients dominate the whole process, and an unexpected result is prevented.

    Will Hair Transplant Damage Existing Hair?

    A successful hair transplant does not harm existing hair. However, this may change depending on which technique is applied to the patient and the success of the application. For hair transplantation in Turkey, it is recommended to prefer health institutions that specialize in transplantation methods, as Ekol Hospitals.

    It is significant for the physician who will perform the transplantation to determine the correct technique for the patient. If a person has regional hair loss, a DHI method is recommended, while the FUE method is recommended for large areas.

    The DHI method comes to the fore when hair transplant is desired for a limited area. In this way, damage to existing hair is prevented. With a successful FUE method, the existing hair structure is preserved. At this point, the experience of the doctor is extremely important.

    Will Hair Transplant Cause Cancer?

    hair transplant in turkey

    Hair transplant is a reliable method that does not negatively affect health. It is not recommended to be applied to cancer patients or people who have recently been treated for cancer. However, there is no such thing as a hair transplant causing cancer.

    Hair transplantation can also be applied to people who have undergone chemotherapy and experienced hair loss in the years following chemotherapy. Within one year after chemotherapy, the hair returns to its original state.

    However, due to treatment and genetic factors, people may face baldness a few years after treatment. In such cases, hair procedure can be performed with transplantation methods such as FUE or DHI if the doctors deem it appropriate.

    Can You Grow a Long Hair After Hair Transplant?

    After the transplantation process, a certain period is required for hair to be extended. Hair loss is observed in the first three months after the transplantation. This situation is normal, and the patient should not be worried. Towards the 6th month, the hair follicles become visibly evident, and the hair grows. Within the first year, people get natural-looking bushy hair. In some people, this period can be extended up to 1.5 years. After this period, people can extend or shape their hair as they wish.

    Care should be taken to use hair products recommended by the doctor to make the hair look more lively and shiny and to support the treatment result. The hair growth process can be accelerated by feeding the scalp suitable shampoos and hair conditioners.

    It is crucial to work with a specialist in the field of hair transplant to get the targeted result. Turkey is a country that hosts many health institutions that perform this procedure. However, the success of each clinic is different.

    While specific clinics stand out in Istanbul, the first address that comes to mind for hair transplant in Izmir is Ekol Hospital. With a professional team, we apply the correct planting techniques to thousands of domestic and foreign patients.

    With the multidisciplinary work of dermatology specialists and hair transplant technicians, each patient gets the hair of their dreams. This reputation of Ekol Hospitals also attracts the attention of those considering a hair transplant in Istanbul, and Izmir for the transplant procedure. Ekol Hospitals is the correct address for the prices offered and a successful hair transplant process.

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