Ethnic Rhinoplasty

What Is Ethnic Rhinoplasty?

Ethnic rhinoplasty is a subset of esthetic nose operation (rhinoplasty) is performed on non caucasian genetic heritage patients. These patients may be of a Hispanic, Middle Eastern, Asian, African, mixed ethnicity or other genetic background. Because these patients often have a unique nasal structure regarding the skin thickness, cartilages, they may require the use of advanced rhinoplasty techniques to achieve the best result that the patient requires. The operation should be performed by experienced surgeons who are not afraid of Ethnic Rhinoplasty technics.

Why Is Ethnic Rhinoplasty Important?

Patients with a non-Caucasian ethnic heritage should be careful choosing the surgeon. Ethnic rhinoplasty ensures the best possible results by addressing the unique nasal structures these patients may possess. A skilled ethnic rhinoplasty surgeon will also understand how to balance your other features with your new nose to ensure a harmonious appearance. The best time to create the most natural looking result is the first time you do the rhinoplasty procedure. Doing individualized techniques when performing ethnic rhinoplasty is one of the best ways to avoid complications and revision rhinoplasty down the road. Stunning results are possible no matter your ethnicity, but choosing the right surgeon is essential.

What are the goals of ethnic rhinoplasty?
1. Achieving an optimal aesthetic result and retaining a natural appearance by avoiding pinched, scooped or sharp angles.
2. Creating a nose that is in harmony with other facial features and does not detract from a person's individuality.
3.  Achieving a defined nasal tip and nasal bridge.

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