In Dentekol Oral and Dental Health Centre, the treatment process is determined individually and specifically for that person for all ages. Free and minimum waiting time appointment programs are organized by our experienced physicians and staff.

Which Treatments Are Performed in Our Clinic?

At Ekol Hospitals, we take care of your dental health innovatively. We believe that everybody deserves a smile on their faces. In our dental clinic, we provide services including aesthetic dentistry, teeth whitening, smile design, oral, dental, and maxillofacial surgery, orthodontics, prosthetic dentistry, pediatric dentistry, root canal treatment, and filling, bruxism and temporomandibular disorders, gum disease treatments (Periodontology), and radiology.

For detailed information please do not hesitate to get in contact with our patient relations team. Our dedicated team members will be more than happy to assist you. 

Aesthetic Dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry is a term that is used to describe dental procedures to make your teeth look better. As general dentistry focuses on only your dental health, aesthetic dentistry concerns the “artistic” dimension of your teeth. On the other hand, there is another thing we should discuss here: cosmetic dentistry and aesthetic dentistry are used interchangeably, although they are a little bit different than each other. 

Cosmetic dentistry including veneers and teeth whitening only concerns how your teeth look while aesthetic dentistry concerns health and aesthetic matters that are important for the patient like how to fix a missing tooth.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are the sort of denture that is used to replace a missing tooth in a patient’s mouth. The procedure is called dental implant surgery. In this procedure an artificial tooth that looks and functions like a real tooth is used. At this point, the patient’s jawbone shape and structure are important in terms of choosing which dental surgery will be done. Some of the reasons dental implants are applied can be lined up as below:

  • If you have missing teeth in your mouth
  • If you want your speech to be improved
  • If you have adequate bone to secure the implants 

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a procedure that makes your teeth colour lighter. It is a dental procedure and should be carried out by a dentist or a hygienist or a dental therapist, on the prescription of a dentist. You should only visit registered dental professionals at certified health centers if you consider teeth whitening. Teeth whitening is not permanent but can go on for three years. However, that depends on patient to patient. Do not hesitate to see a medical expert and ask every single question about teeth whitening. Learn about the benefits and the risks of teeth whitening.

Smile Design

Smiling is one of the most important gestures that we can do with the help of the muscles on our faces. There are many factors affecting our smile’s appearance including stains, discoloration, tooth alignment, and tooth structure integrity.

If you consider a smile design,  always visit a certified medical center where experienced doctors and surgeons are to help you. With the help of new technologies used in dental clinics like 3-D modeling,  your teeth are analyzed and after detailed and patient work of your dentist and ceramist, you will get the best results.

Oral, Dental, and Maxillofacial Surgery

Oral, dental, and maxillofacial surgery is a surgical procedure that focuses on reconstructive surgery of the face after a trauma.

Maxillofacial surgery involves operations to correct diseases, injuries, and defects in your face, jaw, or mouth. Maxillofacial surgeons treat problems with:

  • Bones and tissues of your jaw and lower face (maxillofacial area)
  • The roof of your mouth 
  • Teeth.


Orthodontics treatment is often used to improve the look of a patient’s teeth. This procedure is applied for crooked, crowded teeth, etc. The other field that orthodontics treatment is used for is correcting problems with bites. This treatment usually starts after a child’s adult teeth come out. For adults, it can start at any age. 

Some of the benefits of orthodontics treatment can be lined up as below:

  • Correction o dental crowding
  • Straigtening of your teeth
  • Correction of your bite 
  • Reducing the risk  of damage to prominent teeth

Prosthetic Dentistry

Prosthetic dentistry or prosthodontics is a redesign of damaged teeth after a trauma or as a result of a birth defect. Prosthetic dentistry focuses on dental prostheses:

  • Dental Implant: It is a type of prosthesis that is placed into the jawbone.
  • Dentures: Dentures fit the gums and look and function like natural teeth.
  • Dental Veneers: Dental veneers cover the missing tooth with natural-looking shells and help to improve the appearance of the tooth.
  • Dental Bridge: Like a bridge, they fill the gap of missing teeth between two healthy teeth.
  • Dental Crowns: If the tooth is chipped, cracked, or worn down, dental crowns are used.

Pediatric Dentistry

Taking your kid to the dentist for the first time may be hard to deal but there is no other option for you and them. You should do that when their first milk teeth appear. They will get familiar with dentists. Make the first visit as fun as possible so that your child will not see going to the dentist for the following visits something to worry about.

The dentist advises you and your kid how to brush their teeth according to their age. In addition, do not neglect regular following visits which the dentist schedules.

Root Canal Treatment and Filling

Root canal treatment is a dental procedure that the dentist removes the soft center of the tooth, known as the pulp. Pulp is made of tissue, nerves, and blood vessels. When filling treatment is not sufficient to stop the tooth from decaying, dentists use root canal treatment. That is the stage when the inner part of the tooth becomes infected.

Some of the conditions that you will probably need a root canal treatment are:

  • A deep decay
  • A chip or crack in the tooth
  • An injury to the tooth

Bruxism and Temporomandibular Disorders

Bruxism is the name given to the grinding and clenching of the teeth. If you suffer from bruxism, you may unconsciously grind or grind your teeth during the day or while you sleep. Some of the symptoms of bruxism are including; jack, neck, face pain, tooth sensitivity, sleep disruption, and pain like an earache.

We have one joint on each side of our jaws. Temporomandibular disorders can cause pain in your jaw joint and the muscles that control jaw movement. If you feel pain and tenderness on your jaw, have difficulty chewing, or pain while chewing, and these symptoms are permanent, you may see a doctor to make sure you have temporomandibular disorders.

Gum Disease Treatments (Periodontology)

Gum disease treatments, or in other saying, periodontology is a field that deals with the treatment of patients with disorders in their gums and teeth. Patients are examined for advice, diagnosis, and second opinions. If they meet the eligibility criteria, the treatment process can be started.

Treatment of gum disease provides the patient benefits such as more comfortable chewing and better digestion. 

Some symptoms of gum disease are:

  • Your gums bleed when you brush your teeth
  • Your gums become red, swollen, and sore

Dental Radiology

Talking about our dental clinic, the other important sub-title is dental radiology. The subject of dental radiology is to diagnose hidden dental structures, malignant or benign masses, bone loss, and cavities.

Dental x-rays usually done annually but if your dentist tracks a treatment, it may be more often. In dental X-rays, low levels o radiation capture the interior image of your teeth and gums.

Some types of dental X-rays are:

  • Periapical: Focuses on two complete teeth from root to crown.
  • Panoramic: The machine rotates around the head.
  • Bitewing: This technic is used to check for cavities between teeth.

Other Services

As soon as you contact our patient services department, they will explain to you every single topic about your pre-treatment, treatment, and post-treatment periods. Some of the benefits you can have after choosing our dental clinic services are as below:

  • Made in German materials (24 units of zirconium crown)
  • 5-night accommodation including breakfast
  • All prescribed medication 
  • VIP transfer
  • One  Year Free consultation
  • 24/7 Personal Assistance Service
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • All required covid test


Dt. Cevdet Özgür BayazıtDate of Birth: 02.08.1976 University: EGE UNIVERSITY FACULTY OF DENTISTRY About: Cevdet Özgür Bayazıt, who was born in Izmir in 1976, finished Izmir Atatürk High School in 1994, and graduated from Ege University Faculty of Dentistry in 2000 and gained the title of Dentist. Our doctor treated his patients in his private clinic between 2004 and 2010. Since 2010, he has been working at our Dentekol Oral and Dental Health Centre, where he also worked as a responsible manager for a while.  Cevdet Özgür Bayazıt knows English very well and participated in many professional seminars.
Dr. Dt. Beste Becerikli KıvrakDate of Birth: 01.05.1986 University: EGE UNIVERSITY FACULTY OF DENTISTRY Expertise: PROSTHETICS SPECIALIST   About: Beste Becerikli Kıvrak graduated from Ege University, Faculty of Dentistry in 2009. In 2015, she completed her doctorate study in Ege University, Faculty of Dentistry, Department of Prosthetic Dentistry and was awarded the title of Prosthodontist (Prosthetic Specialist). She works as a prosthesis specialist at Dentekol and continuously follows academic and scientific studies. She has posters and oral presentations presented in various national and international congresses, and constantly participates in domestic and international trainings and symposiums. CERTIFICATES: International Association for Dental Research General Session & Exhibition in Seattle, Washington, USA, oral presentation 38th Annual Conference of the European Prosthodontic Association and the 21st Scientific Congress of the Turkish Prosthodontic and Implantology Association, oral presentation Meffert Implant Institute, Full Arch Immediate Implant Reconstruction Symposium TRI Dental Implants, Controversies in Aesthetic Implant Dentistry FDI 101st Annual World Dental Congress Practical seminar on "New Era in Porcelain Lamina" Bicon Dental Implants Surgical and Prosthetic Principles Course Gazi University Faculty of Medicine Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Department CranioMaxilloFacial surgery study group observer participation Ivoclar Vivadent, Dental Aesthetic Spring Symposium ITI Antalya 2012 Scientific Meeting Turkish Dental Association 22nd International Dental Congress Dermal Filler filler Bruxism Fair Aegean Region Chamber of Dentists International Scientific Congress and Exhibition İzmir Chamber of Dentists International Scientific Congress and Exhibition.
Dt. Zeliha ÖzhanDate of Birth: 16.03.1982 University: EGE UNIVERSITY FACULTY OF DENTISTRY Professional interests: aesthetic dentistry applications, canal treatment procedures, prosthetic applications, as well as applying all dental treatments under general anaesthesia. About:  She was born in Isparta on 16.03.1982. She completed her primary and secondary education in Afyonkarahisar and graduated from Burdur Anatolian Teacher High School in 2000. She started Ege University Faculty of Dentistry in 2000 and graduated in 2005. She has been working in various organizations in the private sector for 13 years since then. She has been working at Dentekol since 2015. Her professional interests are to apply all dental treatments under general anaesthesia as well as aesthetic dentistry applications, canal treatment procedures, prosthetic applications.  She speaks fluent English and is married with one child.
Dt. Emre ErtürDate of Birth: 05.03.1979 University: EGE UNIVERSITY FACULTY OF DENTISTRY Fields of Interest: Oral Surgery and Implantology, Current Approaches in Teeth Whitening, Rotary Instrument systems certification courses, participation certificates. Professional interests: Root canal treatments, use of mta, treatment approaches in traumatic teeth in periapical lesion teeth. About: He was born in Karabük on 05.03.1979. He completed his primary education in İzmir, secondary and high school education in Balıkesir. He started Faculty of Dentistry of Ege University in 1996 and graduated in 2001. He worked as a dentist in Uşak and Balıkesir provinces. Between 2015 and 2016, he received endodontics specialization training at Süleyman Demirel University Faculty of Dentistry, Department of Endodontics. He has been working as a dentist at DENT EKOL Oral and Dental Health Centre since 2017. He has interest in Oral Surgery and Implantology, Current Approaches in Teeth Whitening, Rotary Instrument Systems Certification Courses Participation, Mytical Interests, Canal treatments in periapical lesion teeth, MTA use, Treatment of traumatic teeth approaches.
Dt. Alper ŞenyüzDate of Birth: 26.08.1980 University: MARMARA UNIVERSITY FACULTY OF DENTISTRY Fields of Interest: Implantology, Periodontal reconstructive surgery, Aesthetic dentistry applications   About: He was born in Izmir on 26.08.1980. He completed his primary, middle and high school education in Aydın. He started Marmara University Faculty of Dentistry in 1998 (English Programme) and graduated in 2004. He received his doctorate education in the department of periodontology in Ege University, Faculty of Dentistry. He worked at the Nucleoos dental clinic between 2010 and 2012. At the same time, he gave a practical course on implants for doctors from abroad. He has been working at Dentekol Oral and Dental Health Centre since April 2018.   Scientific Meetings Attended: Turkish Periodontology Association, 36th Scientific Congress and 16th Symposium 21-23 September 2006, Europerio 7 Vienna Austria 6-9 June 2012, Competence in Aesthetics İvoclar Vivadent 2013, Competence in Aesthetics İvoclar Vivadent 2014, Aesthetic Dentistry Academy Bahar Symposium 6-7 March 2015.
Dt. Aylin Hunder She graduated from Ege University Dentistry Department in 2020. Aylin Hunder works as a dentist at Dentekol. She regularly follows the studies published in Turkey and abroad and participates many congresses and seminars.
Dt. Beyza DemirciDate of Birth: 18.08.1997 University: AYDIN ​​ADNAN MENDERES UNIVERSITY FACULTY OF DENTISTRY About:DT. Beyza Demirci graduated from Adnan Menderes University Faculty of Dentistry in 2020. He works as a dentist in Dentekol, constantly follows the studies and innovations published in his field at home and abroad, and attends seminars and congresses held in our country.   CONGRESSES AND CERTIFICATES: • Izmir Chamber of Dentists 24th International Scientific Congress and Exhibition, 2017 • International Meandros Dentistry Congress, 2018 • Rotary Education, International Meandros Dentistry Congress, 2018
Dt. Lara DemetoğluPlace of Birth and Year Prizren/Kosovo— 1983 Foreign Language . English - Advanced . Albanian - Advanced . Serbian - Forward . German - Basic Education . Ege University Faculty of Dentistry . Gymnasium "Gjon Buzuku " science high school Prizren . Ankara University Language School - TÖMER . Sh.K.A " Agimi " Music school Professional Interests - Aesthetic dentistry - Prosthetic treatment - Fixed prostheses, - Lamina , Movable prostheses - Total dentures with complete toothlessness, - Implant-mounted prostheses - Endodontics- child and adult root canal treatment - Restorative treatments - In milk and permanent dental traumas functional and aesthetic treatments, - Teeth whitening . Gum diseases - Gingivitis , Periodontitis . Treatments under general anesthesia . Implants Professional Memberships Izdo, IADR — (International Association for Dental Research) Diploma thesis - Laminate veneers Attended Vocational Training, Courses and Seminars . TAG-dental digital surgery solution education program - Dental - Basic implantology curriculum academy - L-prf (leukocyte and platelet rich fibrin) assisted oral ogmentation course - Oral rehabilitation in head and neck cancers. Alphabio - Prof.Dr. Good Luck, Dr. Pride Bektas - Graft-free implantology & implant-top prostheses. Dt. Ahmet Kiğılı Dr.Uğur Meriç . Emergency situations and solutions in dentistry Sevtap Prof Günbay - Oral surgical approach in systemic diseases mode 1- Prof. Dr.Bahar Sezer . The relationship of periodontitis and systemic diseases ProfJames Deschner Pain in the area of the jaws and face Evaluation and current treatment Prof. Sevtap Günbay 22. International dentistry congress - Izmir 22. International dentistry congress - Istanbul
Dt. Mehmet Baran AydukBorn in 1994 in Diyarbakır.  2008-2013 Kadıköy Anatolian High School, 2013-2018 Graduated from Yeditepe University Faculty of Dentistry. 2019-2023 She completed her specialization at Ege University Faculty of Dentistry, Department of Orthodontics. Areas of Interest Fixed orthodontic treatment Orthodontic treatment with clear aligners Orthodontic treatment in adults Preventive orthodontic treatment Lingual orthodontics Courses Attended Turkish Orthodontic Society International Symposium (2021-2022)  Dr. Chris Chang Seminar (2020)  Lingual Orthodontic Society Course(2019)  Dr. Korkmaz Sayınsu- Orthodontist's Notebook Seminar (2021)  Anterior Resin Composite Veneer Restorations Certificate (GC Corporation & 2018)  Uzm. Dt. Mehmet Baran AYDUK has a good command of English

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have missing teeth or problems with chewing or biting, or if you have lost your self-esteem due to your missing teeth, you can choose dental implants and get rid of all these problems.
You will have a natural looking tooth with natural feeling in the place of your missing one. Dental implants protect your bone structure preventing potential future problems. They are long lasting, even lifelong, as well as they are functional and aesthetical.
Implants are performed easily and painlessly with local or general anaesthesia in a hygienic environment. Only some small pain can be expected on the first and second day.
Our patients who have had implants done state that with dental implants their lives have become much more comfortable. You should also remember that your bone in your jaw will not stay the way it is, in time it will deteriorate if there are no implants. Dental implants revive the bone like natural teeth do, therefore it keeps the bone healthy.
Crowns envelop your teeth. A veneer is a fine shell that is put onto the front of the tooth with minimal damage to the tooth itself.
Porcelain veneers can be used to bring cosmetic solutions to the issues below: • Broken teeth • Visibly factored teeth • Discoloured teeth • Small teeth • Teeth that have gaps between them • Shabby looking teeth • Crooked teeth
If your teeth are considerably decayed, it would not be logical just to cover them up with veneers. During the consultation, your dentist will most likely say the decay needs to be sorted out first. If you have bruxism, this also is an issue that your dentist can offer a solution to. Usually for patients who grind their teeth, dentists also say that they should use a night guard to protect the veneers.
Normally, a veneer tooth can be used for up to 10 years. Apart from brushing, flossing and usual visits to the dentist, they do not need extra care. If you look after your veneers properly, they could last even longer.
If you have severe tooth decay, critically damaged filling or weak teeth to be protected, implants to be covered, improperly shaped or discoloured teeth, you can think about getting a dental crown.
Dental crowns are fabricated with different materials and there are different types of dental crowns such as all-metal, metal fused porcelain and all-porcelain dental crowns. Most preferred types of dental crowns are all-porcelain and metal fused porcelain. The only difference between them is that all-porcelain dental crowns look more aesthetical than metal fused porcelain dental crowns.
Dental bridge is a method of filling the space caused by one or more missing teeth by getting support of the adjacent teeth. Will I be without teeth during the waiting period of dental crown procedure? After measuring the size of your teeth in your first appointment, your dentist will provide you with temporary teeth until your dental crown is prepared. Do people get the crown in one session? Our dentist and her team opt for the high standard and longevity of the dental crowns made with the two-step process.
It is perfectly fine to have All-on-4(6) dental implants only on the lower or upper jaw. You may get just upper or lower all on four implants without any issues. What is an “all on four” dental implants? “All on four” can simply be defined as an artificial teeth system which is supported by 4 dental implants that are placed in your jawbone at a special angle.
Absolutely, yes. Noone can understand you have implants unless you tell them. All-on-4 dental implants give you new artificial teeth that look, feel and function just like your original teeth.
The most advantageous feature of “all on 4” procedures is that it gives you a new smile. Also, it protects your bone structure from potential problems which may occur in the future, and it reduces the risk of any bone loss over time. They are long lasting, functional, and of course good-looking.
Yes. If you look after them properly, they can last even a lifetime.
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