Comparing Hair Transplant Costs: UK vs Turkey

Comparing Hair Transplant Costs: UK vs Turkey
11 Aug 2023

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    Turkey is a popular country for hair transplantation among medical tourists. The two most important reasons for this are that the costs are much lower than in other countries, but the quality is high. There are nearly a thousand certified hair transplant clinics in Turkey. In these clinics, more than 50 thousand hair transplants are performed annually.

    The United Kingdom is a country where you can find modern clinics for hair transplants. However, compared to Turkey, the costs are quite high and if you are already living in the UK, you’d miss an opportunity for both a holiday and a hair transplant maybe by paying less. Remember that Turkey is only a couple of hours away by plane.  

    In this article, we will mention the factors affecting hair transplant costs and have a look at the cost in Turkey and the UK. You will also read about average hair transplant cost comparison, quality, and standards in the UK and Turkey. In the last part of the article, you can read about how to choose the right destination for your hair transplant.

    Factors Affecting Hair Transplant Costs

    Many factors affect hair transplant costs. Some of these factors can be lined up as below:

    • Technique Used: The hair transplant technique can affect the cost. Using the newest techniques may result in higher prices.
    • Number of Grafts: Hair transplant treatment is quite personal and the costs may depend on each person. The number of hair grafts needed for the transplant is quite important point to affect the prices. 
    • Additional Services: Some clinics may offer additional services such as special accommodation, transportation, or personalized post-operative care. All these additional services affect the costs.
    • Medical Facility Standards: The quality of the medical facility, the technology, and modern equipment, can affect the cost.

    When you consider a hair transplant, choosing a reputable clinic with experienced surgeons and focusing on safety and quality should be the priority as well as the low prices. 

    Hair Transplant Cost Overview: UK

    The United Kingdom is a country with high standards of regulation in healthcare. About this, hair transplantation in the UK appears to be a very safe option. The United Kingdom is home to the latest technologies in hair transplantation, however, prices remain quite high compared to countries like Turkey. Independent clinics and hospitals that provide hair transport in England must be registered with the CQC. Be careful when searching the internet for clinics that do hair transplants. Consider factors such as the quality of the clinics, the experience of medical staff, and the technologies and techniques they use for hair transport.

    Hair Transplant Cost Overview: Turkey

    Compared to other countries, hair transplantation in Turkey is done at very reasonable prices. Despite these affordable prices, hair transplant treatment standards still are high. The fact that average operating costs are lower than in Western countries is determined by the country's position in the sector.

    Another factor affecting the prices that make Turkey attractive for hair transplant procedures is that there are nearly a thousand hair transplant clinics in the country. For this reason, as a result of competition, both reasonable prices appear and quality increases.

    Turkey has been one of the leading countries in health tourism for a long time. That means with affordable prices, you can have your hair transport done with some advantages like having a holiday, relaxing, and going back to your country refreshed and in a new look.

    Comparing Hair Transplant Costs: UK vs Turkey

    The Uk and Turkey are the countries with improved health systems. There are countless hospitals and clinics where you can have surgical and cosmetic procedures like hair transport in both countries. The techniques and technologies used in the field of hair transport in Turkey and the UK can be easily considered high standards.

    Comparing hair transplant costs in the UK and Turkey, we can say that some of the cost items in Turkey result in much cheaper prices. The rent, transport, food, and even entertainment in Turkey are much cheaper than they are in the UK. You also visit a beautiful country with long beaches and many historical sites. For instance, if you consider a hair transplant in İzmir Turkey, you can visit holiday resorts like Çeşme, Seferihisar, and Kuşadası and your stay most probably will include your hair transplant procedure cost.

    Average Hair Transplant Cost Comparison: UK vs Turkey

    Compared to the United Kingdom, the cost of hair transplantation in Turkey remains quite low. In both countries, you can find professionals who are experts in their fields, working with quality service and discipline. When you add the state-of-the-art equipment used in hospitals to this, it can be concluded that both the UK and Turkey are two of the best options for hair transplantation.

    At this point, the factor that puts Turkey forward will be that you get the same quality service at a much lower price. Needless to say, you should take advantage of the all-inclusive health packages and consider a wonderful holiday opportunity that will relax you before or after the hair transplant.

    The cost of a hair transplant in the UK can be as high as £30,000 depending on the patient's hair structure, the type of procedure, and the quality of the clinic.

    The prices in Turkey are much less and around £1400.

    Additional Expenses to Consider

    • It is recommended to conduct multi-dimensional research to comprehensively understand the costs associated with hair transplantation. Some of the additional expenses to be considered can be listed below:
    • Consultation Fees: There may be a consultation fee to assess your suitability for hair transplantation and to respond to your specific needs.
    • Post-Surgery Care: You may need to buy special shampoos and other hair care products to support the healing process.
    • Pre-Surgery Tests: Some medical tests may be ordered, such as blood tests or scalp analysis.
    • Travel Costs: When considering a hair transplant, take into account potential travel expenses if the clinic is located in a different country. This includes costs for airfare, lodging, and transportation, which should be factored into your overall budget for the procedure.

    Quality and Standards: The UK vs Turkey

    As we mentioned before, both the UK and Turkey are the leading countries in the healthcare providing field. 

    Physicians performing hair transplants within the UK must be registered with the General Medical Council (GMC) and be licensed to practice.

    It is recommended that you check the British Society for Hair Restoration Surgery (BAHRS) website to see if the surgeon who will make the hair team is a full or affiliated hair transplant member.

    The person who will do hair transplantation must be a surgeon in Turkey.  The centers where hair transplantation will be performed must be certified by the Ministry of Health. Since hair transplant is included in the field of skin surgery, only experts in this field are allowed to have hair transplants. The place where a hair transplant is carried out must have standard operating room conditions.

    Safety and Regulations: The UK vs Turkey

    When comparing the safety and regulations of hair transplants in the UK and Turkey, some important factors need to be considered.

    In the UK, surgeons must undergo rigorous training and obtain appropriate certifications. There are similar regulations in Turkey. It is very important to verify the qualifications and experience of surgeons. Turkey has health centers that serve international patients with English-speaking staff. Patient reviews and testimonials will give you an idea of both countries.

    Whichever country you prefer for hair transplantation, decide according to safety, expertise, certificates, and experience.

    Choosing the Right Destination for Your Hair Transplant

    • Choosing the right place for your hair transplant is very important for a successful procedure. Some of the things to consider when making this choice can be listed as follows:
    • Medical Standards and Regulations: Research the medical standards and regulations in the country you are considering having a hair transplant. See if clinics and surgeons follow strict guidelines for patient safety and care.
    • Clinical Reputation: Thanks to patient reviews, you can read the opinions about hair transplant clinics and make an inference.
    • Prices: If you find a hair transplant option with the same quality but lower prices, why pay more?
    • Travel Convenience: Check direct flights, travel time, and accommodation options. Make sure you can complete your trip smoothly before and after the procedure.

    Conclusion: Making an Informed Decision

    Deciding the right place for hair transplantation requires extensive research. Factors such as medical standards, qualifications of the surgeon, clinical reputation, and ease of travel come to the fore at this point.

    Whether you find a hair transplant clinic in your own country or deal with a hospital abroad, you will need to consider multiple factors that we have mentioned throughout the article to get a good result.

    If you consider a hair transplant in Turkey, as Ekol International Hospital, we are an experienced health group and will be happy to host you here in Izmir, a nice and one of the most important cities in Turkey.

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