Cataract Surgery in Turkey: A Comprehensive Guide

Cataract Surgery in Turkey: A Comprehensive Guide
08 Aug 2023

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    Our eyes are the windows that open the world itself to ourselves, and we want to see the world clearly, right? However, when some negative situations such as cataract happens, this world vision of ourselves becomes blurry and cloudy.

    But don’t worry, there is a solution for this disease called a cataract. And Turkey offers affordable surgery opportunities that will be provided by an experienced ophthalmologist.

    In this article, we will learn about the cataract surgery cost in Turkey and more detailed info related such as the cataract surgery price in Turkey, and post-surgery instructions such as training eyes after cataract surgery.

    How to Find The Best Cataract Surgeons in Turkey?

    To find the best cataract surgeons in Turkey, there are some things that you need to be careful:

    • Research: You can start researching through the information channels such as websites to learn about hospitals and private clinics.
    • Check the reviews and qualifications: Checking the reviews from the patients and looking for the qualifications such as certificates and cataract surgery experience is needed.
    • Consult: You can contact the local surgeons to find out whether they may have connections with the surgeons.

    How is Cataract Surgery Performed in Turkey?

    The cataract surgery procedure is almost the same in every country, however, some differences may happen among the procedures. The procedure can be staged as:

    • Consultation: Before undergoing the cataract surgery, you will be examined in detail so that the surgery process can be shaped.
    • Anesthesia: Cataract surgery şis performed under local anesthesia that will be provided by the anesthesiologist.
    • Incision: The surgery starts with a small incision made in the eye. However, some clinics offer the last technology techniques that make the incisions named micro-incision.
    • Process: After accessing and removing the cataract, the intraocular lens (IOL) is implanted in its place.

    After the surgery, you will be monitored for a day or in some cases, even less - to prevent any complications and will be given some instructions such as a second opinion after cataract surgery and when showering and washing hair after the cataract surgery. 

    What are The Different Types of Cataract Surgery?

    Since every patient has different eye situations, the techniques are shaped by the patient. However, there are some common and known cataract surgery types such as:

    • Phacoemulsification - Phaco Technique: The most used cataract surgery technique named phaco includes the small incision and the implantation of the intraocular lens (IOL).
    • Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery (LACS): Since the laser can help with other diseases such as astigmatism, its widely used in cataract surgeries as well. The laser helps the surgeon to make precise incisions.

    Along with these common two techniques, these two lenses are commonly used to treat cataracts when there is also astigmatism. They are called:

    • Monofocal lens 
    • Multifocal lens
    • Toric lens

    How to Prepare for Cataract Surgery While Traveling to Turkey?

    While traveling to Turkey for cataract surgery, following these instructions would be helpful:

    • Researching: Researching and consulting with well-known and experienced surgeons is the first step. You can contact them to tell them about your situation. Besides, some hospitals offer specialized rooms for the stay and can provide you with hotels closer to the hospital. You should look for these pieces of information.
    • Make an appointment: Appointments are needed for consultation in Turkey. Be careful.
    • Prepare the needed documentation: You need to prepare official and needed documentation before coming to Turkey for the surgery to not confront any negative situation.
    • Cataract surgery cost in Turkey: You should look for the cataract surgery price in Turkey to prepare your budget.

    The Cost of Cataract Surgery in Turkey

    The cost of cataract surgery in Turkey depends on various factors such as the cataract surgery experience of the surgeon, the popularity of the hospital and clinic, fees and additional fees, and more. The average cataract surgery price in Turkey ranges between $1000 and $3000 to per eye. Please keep in my mind that these are the average prices and may differ. You can contact and consult the hospital or clinic to learn about the prices.

    Apart from the cataract surgery cost in Turkey, you should also consider the accommodation, travel, and transportation fees, etc. 


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