Can Bikini Line Sleeve Surgery Be Done Twice?

Can Bikini Line Sleeve Surgery Be Done Twice?
08 Aug 2023

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    A bikini line sleeve surgery is a surgical procedure in which the surgeon and the medical team remove about 70% of the stomach. A bikini line operation is performed under general anesthesia and takes about 3 hours. It is also known as the “aesthetic gastric sleeve”

    The Bikini line sleeve surgery is a bariatric surgery and cosmetic surgery, known as a modification of a popular surgical operation for obesity, “the gastric sleeve”. After having a bikini line sleeve, the patient starts feeling full with much less food. 

    In this article we mention the question, “Can bikini line sleeve surgery be done twice?” You will read first in the article, the procedures of bikini line sleeve surgery and the factors to consider repeating bikini line sleeve surgery. In the second part, we will talk about “the good candidate” for this procedure and the long-term results of a bikini line sleeve surgery.

    Procedures of Bikini Line Sleeve Surgery

    Bikini line sleeve surgery or a “Bikini Line Sleeve Gastrectomy”  is known as one of the most difficult surgical procedures for the surgeon. The operation is carried out under general anesthesia.  During the bikini line sleeve surgery, firstly the surgeon makes a small hole in the navel area. The reason for that is to insert a camera and remove the stomach. Two openings are made to insert laparoscope tools. The surgery takes its name from the bikini line, the operational area is not seen at all after the procedure.

    Bikini line sleeve surgery doesn’t affect the appearance of the abdomen at all. If you consider having bikini sleeve surgery there are some more advantages. It takes only one hour and the recovery period is fast, starting after staying only one night at the hospital.

    Can Bikini Line Sleeve Surgery Be Repeated?

    Any surgery has risks and an operation can go wrong although the most experienced medical expert does it. So, if something goes wrong with bikini line sleeve surgery what happens? 

    Bikini line sleeve surgery is considered as a variation of gastric sleeve surgery and as gastric sleeve surgery can not be repeated, bikini line sleeve surgery neither. After your stomach has been reduced by about  %70, it can't gain the previous shape, so there is no way to repeat bikini line sleeve surgery or gastric sleeve surgery.

    If you are not happy with the results of your bikini line sleeve surgery, you should talk to your surgeon. The surgeon's recommendations are as important as the operation itself.

    The main gain for a patient from a bikini line sleeve surgery is a healthier life. It results in weight loss. Some patients are known to lose 50-70 kilograms in the first year after the bikini line sleeve surgery. Lifestyle changes are very important after having a bikini line sleeve surgery. Generally, it is hard to be carried out but considered a successful weight loss surgical procedure.

    The Body Transformation Effects of Gastric Sleeve Surgery

    What happens to your body after having gastric sleeve surgery? What are the long-term results? There are many benefits of having gastric sleeve surgery. You will experience both healthy changes in your body and have a better psychology.

    As an alternative surgical procedure to all unsuccessful diets and exercises, after a gastric sleeve surgery, you start losing weight immediately in the short term and that weight loss continues in the long term. The diets and exercises can be very helpful at that point which they failed before a gastric sleeve surgery.

    You lose weight and your body is in shaped day after day. You gain more self-confidence in your social life. Overall, your quality of life advances undeniably. In addition, your relationship with food will change. As you feel full faster, eating less, you will prefer both healthier and delicious food now, and never think about junk food.

    If you consider gastric sleeve surgery, do not hesitate to contact our patient support staff, they will be happy to help you.

    Evaluating Success and Long-Term Results of Bikini Line Sleeve Surgery

    After having a bikini line sleeve surgery, you will visit your surgeon at the hospital or medical center where you had the operation. Between each visit, your surgeon and the medical team will compare the developments in your body and your health and make a medical evaluation. If you complain about the results, they may consider a revision surgery, but that happens very rarely. 

    The aim of these visits is both to monitor your progress and to motivate you more, for long-term success. In the long-term, you will not only lose weight and become healthier physically but also a more social one enjoying life at large.



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