Breast Reduction Surgery for a Pain-Free Life

Breast Reduction Surgery for a Pain-Free Life
07 Aug 2023

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    Breast reduction surgery is a common medical procedure also known as “reduction mammaplasty”. In breast reduction surgery; skin, tissue, and fat are removed from the breasts. It’s a great surgical option for women with big breasts to have better-looking breasts and to decrease discomfort.

    If you consider having breast reduction surgery, first you should find out if you are the right candidate. Breast reduction surgery is not suggested for smokers and obese. If you don’t want any scars on your breast, you are not suggested as well.

    In this article, we will mention breast reduction surgery in general first. We will focus on the benefits of smaller, more proportionate breasts. Finally, we will talk about what to expect from breast reduction surgery and inform you about breast reduction surgery options abroad.

    Say Goodbye to Chronic Pain and Discomfort

    Yes, if you complain about your big breast for a long time and want to have small-looking and more comfortable breasts, you can say goodbye to chronic pain and discomfort with a breast reduction surgery. Think about it, If your breast caused at least one of the following discomfort:

    • Nerve pain
    • Problem fitting in the brass
    • Limits your daily life activities
    • Chronic back pain
    • Chronic neck pain
    • Chronic shoulder pain

     You should have breast reduction surgery sometime later if you are planning to lose weight or have children. You should also be informed about the risks of breast reduction surgery by talking to your surgeon before the operation to be mentally ready.

    The Benefits of Smaller, More Proportionate Breasts

    A successful breast reduction surgery bears many benefits for patients suffering from the uncomfortableness of big breasts. Some benefits of breast reduction surgery are:

    • You can exercise easier than before: Breast reduction surgery makes sports like swimming and running much more comfortable for you. 
    • You can wear the clothes that you used to have difficulties with before: You used to avoid tight clothes like swimming suits, but now things have changed.
    • Increase your self-confidence: In public, some curious eyes always have been annoying for you, but now in a new shape, your self-confidence has increased more than ever.
    • Reduces rashes and infection: After breast reduction surgery, symptoms will decrease to a large extent.

    Your Guide to Breast Reduction Surgery: What to Expect

    Breast reduction surgery is performed by certified surgeons. You should have your breast reduction surgery either at an hospital or at a surgical clinic with good references. There are various methods to reduce breasts in breast reduction surgery. During the procedure, the surgeon makes an incision around the nipple and areola and removes excess breast tissue, skin, and fat.

    You will probably feel tenderness in your breasts after a breast reduction operation. You may use a supporting bra during that period. Scars and swelling after the surgery may take a couple of months to fade away. Results depend on age, weight, and other personal factors.

    The Science Behind Breast Reduction: Understanding the Procedure

    A surgeon is the central pillar of a successful operation. For better results, you may like to find out the top breast reduction surgeons before your breast reduction surgery. Search before making your final decision and find out the most reliable medical centers around you. You may consider all factors like the prices of breast reduction surgery and think globally. Then you may search all medical centers with good references in all countries.

    In breast reduction surgery, the surgeon moves your nipple to its new position, removes fat, skin, and tissue, and then re-shape the breasts. Breast reduction surgery usually last two or three hours. Most patience stays at the hospital for one or two nights.

    Exploring Your Options: Considering Breast Reduction Surgery Abroad

     If we have a look at the view of a patient about breast reduction surgery, as a candidate, we see that you consider many factors like its cost to your budget.

    Another subject. How will you mentally prepare yourself for such a surgery? What would you say, if a holiday before the operation is available? As long as the qualification, conditions, and results are the same or maybe better, why not consider having your breast reduction surgery abroad? Let’s say in Turkey, a country known for its successful private health sector with affordable prices for every budget.

    It’s worth thinking in detail about a combination of a holiday at the seaside and breast reduction surgery in a reliable medical center in Turkey.

    Recovery After Breast Reduction Surgery

    A full recovery may take two to six weeks after breast reduction surgery. You can go back to work after two or three weeks. During that period relax, rest, and do not lift heavy stuff, avoid strenuous exercises and stretching after your breast reduction surgery. First three months, you may wear a supporting bra, if your surgeon suggests you that.

    You are not allowed some daily life activities like driving immediately. After making sure using a seat belt is not a problem for your health, in several weeks, you may drive. What about stitches? In one or two weeks, they can be removed. Make sure you asked for breast reduction recovery tips to your surgeon.

    About Scars

    It is quite common that patients to have scars around their nipples after breast reduction surgery. The scars might be vertical or horizontal and depend on the surgery you had:

    • Vertical procedure: In this procedure, the surgeon makes two incisions; one from the areola and another one from the bottom of the areola to the crease of the bottom of your breast. 
    • Inverted procedure: The surgeon makes three incensions in an inverted procedure. One around the edge of the areola, one from the bottom of the areola to the crease in the breast. The last incension is made along the breast crease.

    The scars might be red first six weeks. They will disappear in time and be invisible under even bikini tops.


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