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Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)

Nowadays, one of the most popular aesthetic surgery is the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL). The common feature of Brazilian famous women is the tight, plump, and aesthetic appearance of their buttocks. It will not be wrong to rank Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria, and Salma Hayek at the top of the list in this matter. A beautiful buttock that stands upright and preserves all its plenitude without being overly large is usually a genetic legacy. This beautiful heritage can be maintained for a long time with sport and proper nutrition. However, some people may not be born with such nice buttocks but may lose their tenacity in time. In such cases, fat can be injected into the buttocks to hold them upright and plump without recourse to surgery. This is called buttock aesthetics by fat transfer. BBL operation can give volume, create curves or help countering your buttocks with the help of fat removal and injection to the correct spots. The BBL operation can also be done by the help of implants if the patients do not have enough fat tissue.


Special touch to your beauty. Moreover, our teeth whitening and filler procedures will be free in this package.

Other Services:

• BBL pillow you need after the surgery
• 2-night hospital stay at the private suite
• 3-night accommodation at including breakfast
• All prescribed medication
• VIP transfer
• 1 Year free consultation
• 24/7 Personal Assistance Service
• Satisfaction Guarantee
• All required covid tests


Frequently Asked Questions

The procedure can be performed by Aesthetic surgeons who are experienced in this field. You should make good research before choosing your surgeon and be sure to describe your desired result well to them. 3 Esthetic Surgeons in EKOL Hospitals perform BBL operations both with fat & implants.
Ekol Hospitals experienced esthetic surgeons perform BBL operations since many years. The operation itself requires great experience and should be performed under correct hands only. You can completely trust EKOL Hospitals’ Surgeons by this operation.
It varies from person to person. However; if post-operative instructions are followed carefully, almost all of the transferred fat will survive. Please follow the instructions of your surgeon.
Small incisions with no significant depth are made in the skin as the openings to the most innermost and covered regions, in a way to leave no scars. We reduce the scar development to a minimum with the postoperative use of anti-scar creams.
This depends on your job. You can return to work after an average of one week. You can sit back with support after one week. If you have a desk job that you usually perform in the sitting position, we recommend that you use BBL pillows for at least three weeks.
This is variable depending on the patient. However, the process normally takes 2-3 hours.
Yes, this procedure is performed under general anesthesia after examining the health status of the patients in the preoperative period. This is a safe and convenient way to perform most operations.