We have great news for you. Our favorite surgeons come to your city to meet you and make a free consultation, so you can take the first step of your health journey in your own city.


Get an appointment to get more information about the surgery process and Ekol Hospitals by meeting with our doctors face-to-face.


You have now the opportunity to meet your surgeons in person before booking your surgery. We will be in your city with our Bariatric Surgeon Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ömer Yoldaş.  We will be in your city with our Plastic Surgeon Op. Dr. Arif Aydın. Contact us now and book your One to One Consultation with your Surgeon.

  • On 22nd of April, 2022 in Lanarkshire.


  • On 23rd of April, 2022 in London. 
  • Holiday Inn London Regent's Park
  • Carburton St. London W1W 5EE, UK


  • On 24th of April, 2022 in Dublin.


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