Carol Ann Fielding


 England Manager

Carol was born in London on the 26th April 1961. She shared a very happy loving childhood with parents and her 2 younger sisters. She now lives in a little cottage in Longridge, Preston , Lancashire with her lovely partner. Her qualifications are as follows, L3 Teaching assistant, L3 qualified foster carer, A* English Language, B Maths, science, history, A Computing. Throughout her life she had many different careers but there are two that are externally important to her. First is being a teaching assistant Level 3 in a primary school which she loved. And the second job is the one that she is doing now for Ekol Hospitals as the UK country manager and rep and she totally loves it with a passion. She came over to the hospital on the 20/3/21 as a patient who was having the gastric sleeve surgery, at the time she weighed 16’3 stone and was a size 22 in clothes, today she weighs 9’6 and she is in a size 12 clothes. When she got home from her operation, she began to think that she could maybe help the UK patients coming to another country for surgery so she contacted the hospital and on the 21st April 2021, she became a member of the team working from home in the UK. She absolutely loves helping our patients on their journey whatever surgery they are having.

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