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Funda has worked as an English teacher for 29 years. She not only taught English but also worked as the coordinator of the English for Academic Purposes and the English for Law classes for Undergraduate Studies at İzmir University of Economics. She also served as a Teacher Trainer and she was one of the curriculum writers of the English Preparatory Programme and she worked as the Head of the Curriculum and Material Development Unit at the same university. She has given many workshops both at national and international events. She is also an active member of international bodies such as International Association of Teachers of English (IATEFL) and FOCI (Forum on Curricular Issues). She has written numerous academic articles which are published in ELT related publications. She is a certified Speaking Examiner for International English Language Testing System (IELTS), First Certificate (FCE), Young Learners Speaking Exams. She joined the Ekol family in September 2020. She has been working as the Head of the International Operations and Sales Department. Her general role is to act part in coordinating the workflow of the International Operations and Sales Department. She conducts meetings to maintain the productivity of the team members and suggests areas of development within the department. Visiting the foreign patients to maintain a high level of satisfaction and liaising with all the stakeholders to deal with issues to increase the international patient satisfaction are the two very important duties she pays attention to. In order to maintain this mission, she provides both verbal and written language assistance to surgeons during their patient-doctor interviews; evaluates and analyses the printed /online English advertisements & content; provides editing services; and serves as a liaison between the intermediary agents and the hospital. She values teamwork, dedication, and commitment. 
Carol was born in London on the 26th April 1961. She shared a very happy loving childhood with parents and her 2 younger sisters. She now lives in a little cottage in Longridge, Preston , Lancashire with her lovely partner. Her qualifications are as follows, L3 Teaching assistant, L3 qualified foster carer, A* English Language, B Maths, science, history, A Computing. Throughout her life she had many different careers but there are two that are externally important to her. First is being a teaching assistant Level 3 in a primary school which she loved. And the second job is the one that she is doing now for Ekol Hospitals as the UK country manager and rep and she totally loves it with a passion. She came over to the hospital on the 20/3/21 as a patient who was having the gastric sleeve surgery, at the time she weighed 16’3 stone and was a size 22 in clothes, today she weighs 9’6 and she is in a size 12 clothes. When she got home from her operation, she began to think that she could maybe help the UK patients coming to another country for surgery so she contacted the hospital and on the 21st April 2021, she became a member of the team working from home in the UK. She absolutely loves helping our patients on their journey whatever surgery they are having.
Lainey is 41 years old and lives in Scotland with her husband and son.  She had surgery with Ekol hospitals in November 2020, following this, she joined the Ekol family as a representative in January 2021.  She studied at the University of the West of Scotland where she attained both my Criminal Justice degree and PGD in Social Work.  She has extensive experience building relationships and working with people.  These transferrable skills stand her in good stead in her current role where being compassionate, reliable and available to assist past, current and future patients is crucial to providing the excellent service our hospital has become known for.
Celine is from Ireland. She began working with Ekol in January 2021 and is director of our Irish company. Her professionalism, comradeship and empathy makes her a good fit as part of our team. Celine has a bachelor degree in music, Philosophy and theology and also has a masters in music. She speaks fluent Irish and English and had studied French and German
Ziad was born in 1992. He graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at Al-Baath University and he specialized in physical therapy. He worked in many of the major hospitals in Turkey. He is responsible for developing treatment plans for patients so that they can get the best medical results. He speaks Turkish, English and Arabic. He has been working at Ekol Hospitals since 2017 as the representative of patients coming from Arabic countries.
As a highly experienced healthcare professional, Özge is a Registered Nurse with a master’s degree in Organizational Development and Business. She graduated from one of the best Nursing Schools in Turkey and additionally studied nursing in the United Kingdom. As she moved on her career, she added formal education and completed University of Istanbul, Graduate School of Business as the valedictorian of her class. She practiced nursing in all fields of healthcare provision, taking leadership responsibilities. Her broad experience and skills enabled her to accumulate further perspectives in care coordination especially in the areas of in and outpatient clinics mainly in surgery, obstetrics, IVF, ophthalmology, emergency and operating theaters. She was promoted to set up and coordinate care cycles, implementing technological tools and software for patient management, improvements in healthcare and patient outcomes as well as nursing education. She took leadership roles at high level hospital chains such as Acibadem Hospital, IVI Clinics as well as complete management of nursing as Nursing Director in various private hospitals in Istanbul and Izmir, Turkey. During this times she has visited Macedonia, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and educated nurses and implemented nursing care cycles. In the last two years, Özge is taking the responsibility and leadership for the nursing services for the International Patients, on top of her overall responsibilities for organizational development and education as well as infection control. Özge enjoys her accumulated experience combined with her skills and formal education with her passion for excellence in healthcare provision in a patient centric way. She fluently speaks English and Spanish and manages electronic tools and system efficiently.
Mustafa was born in 1988 in Bursa. He graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Management Engineering in 2010 with a Bachelor’ s Degree. After completed his associate degree in law, he worked in human resources and personnel services in various institutions and organizations. Now he has been managing financial process for the International patients. He is married and has a beautiful daughter. He speaks English fluently.
Korhan is the International Operations Manager at Ekol Hospitals. He graduated from İzmir Katip Celebi University in 2019 with a Bachelor's Degree in Economy. Currently, he is continuing his master’s degree on Financial Economy. He has been organizing the operational schedules required for the international patients. He is an experienced member of the International Department. Alongside his organizational skills, he also has developed personal skills. He has been consistently contributing to the success of the Department and is a valuable member to the Team. He speaks English fluently.
Işıl was born in 1993 in Izmir .In her high school years, she went to abroad for Comenius Project and helped foreign youngsters to learn more about Turkish Culture. She graduated from Dokuz Eylül University, American Culture and Literature Department. She speaks English fluently and Spanish as a beginner level. After her graduation, she worked as an English Teacher for 4 years in several schools. She started to work in Ekol Hospitals as an International Patient Relations Coordinator in 2020.
Cem Çağatay, International Marketing Specialist, from Ekol Hospitals. He was born in 1996 in İskenderun. He studied Translation and Interpreting at Yasar University. He has work experience for years as a teacher and translator.After he graduated from Yasar University, he has been working at Ekol Hospitals at International Department. Patient satisfaction and providing quaility service are the key points of his happiness source. With his ambitious and positive approach, he would be delighted to assist you to take the next step of your Ekol Hospitals journey.
Evrim was born in Kırklareli/Lüleburgaz. She graduated from Ege University and her department was German Language and Literature. However, her department was English when she was in high school but she wanted to learn second language for her career so she chose German Language and Literature. She is a philologist and also both German and English teacher. Furthermore, in her free time she likes to translate texts. She got Formation Certificate in 2018 from Ege University, as well. She had been working as German and English teacher at American Culture and Language Schools for 4 years. In addition, she was working also at 2 different colleges. She can speak German and English fluently. She has been working at Ekol Hospitals as an International Marketing Specialist for 2 years.
Başak was born in Izmir. She graduated from Izmir, Dokuz Eylül University in 2020 with a Bachelor's Degree in Comparative Literature. She been providing an effective role between the patients and the hospital for the international department as an International Patient Relations Specialist.  She is an experienced member of the International Department. She speaks English fluently.
Hasibe was born on October 26th 1994, in Balikesir. She has been living in Izmir since 1996. She completed primary and secondary education in Guzelyali. She graduated from Göztepe Anatolian Vocational High School, Office Management and Secretariat – Trade secretariat. She continued her education at Dumlupınar University Geological Engineering and the next year she enrolled in a second university at Anadolu University, Health Institutions Management. She started her business life as of 2016, and as of April 2021, she began her career at Ekol Hospitals as an International Sales Tour Operator in the International Department.
Mert graduated from International Relations Department in 2015. He received a master's degree in Health Management. He has developed strong communication skills and had the opportunity to attend group projects in Warsaw during his undergraduate period. As a Patient Financial Services Specialist, he had experience in accounting and customer relations from 2016 to 2019. He has been working in the Medical Tourism Sector for 5 years. At the moment, he is working at Ekol Hospitals as an international patient relations specialist. His responsibilities in this department involve accompanying the patients throughout their pre-operative tests and also dealing with the preparation of their pre and post-op documentation. 
Beste was born in Izmir. She is the International Operation Medical Communication Supervisor at Ekol Hospitals. She graduated from Aydın, Adnan Menderes University in 2017 with a Bachelor's Degree in Tourism Guidance. she has been providing an effective role between the patients and the hospital for the international department. She is an experienced member of the International Department. She speaks English fluently.
Alperen was on August 11, 1996 in Düren, Germany. Growing up bilingual, speaking Turkish and German, he completed part of his education in Germany and part of it in Turkey. In 2020, he graduated from Kırklareli University, Department of Translation and Interpretation in English, thus he is also fluent in English. He has been working as an International Patient Relations Specialist at Izmir Ekol Hospitals since April 2021.
Anas was born in Beirut, Lebanon on the 5th of july 1996. After finishing his high-school education in Beirut, Anas went abroad to study in one of Turkey's top universities, after spending 1 year learning Turkish and successfully finishing his internship year at maternity intensive care unit and at the neurosurgery ward, he managed to graduate from Ege University as a Registered Nurse in 2021 and started working at Ekol hospitals as an International Nurse. Anas is a trilingual Nurse as his mother tongue is Arabic and can speak both English and Turkish fluently.
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