This is the land where the first philosophy and science originated. For philosophy and science, before Athens, there were the cities of Ephesus and Miletus, which are both near Izmir. Heraclitus of Ephesus famously said that life is a constant change, that one cannot enter the same river twice, that the flowing river is no longer the same river. Although 2,500 years have passed, this very same Ephesus still stands, and is situated within the province of Izmir, being a mere one-hour drive from our hospital. In that ancient city 2500 years ago, as Heraclitus rested his chin on his hands on the bank of that river, alive with the philosophical fire that burned in his soul while contemplating the eternally changing flow of the river, someone asked what business he had playing with children in the temple. He replied, “Isn't this better than joining you and making politics?” In addition to Ephesus, you will breathe the air where mathematical science and evolution theory were first discussed and still shed light to the present day in the ancient city of Miletus, which is also a one-hour drive from our hospital. The spirit of the three founders of the Milesian School, Thales, Anaximenes and Anaximander, the first scientists and philosophers in the world, still inspires inquiring scientific minds in the ancient city of Miletus. In addition, up a steep and winding road near the city of Ephesus, the Church of the Virgin Mary still stands. Two thousand years ago, seven apostles of Jesus Christ travelled to this church meet with the Virgin Mary. John wrote his Gospel for the Ephesians there.

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