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A penile prosthesis can be placed when medications or vascular surgery does not help resolve erectile dysfunction, or when these medications or types of surgeries are contraindicated, objectionable or predicted to be useless. Before the surgery to place a penile prosthesis, Penile Colour Doppler Ultrasonography is performed to determine the blood flow in the penis and blood parameters are tested.


We have great news for you. Our favorite surgeons come to your city to meet you and make a free consultation, so you can take the first step of your health journey in your own city.



In Ekol Hospitals Chest Diseases Department, polyclinic procedures, respiratory function tests, allergy tests, bronchoscope procedures and modern treatment methods for the diagnosis of all lung diseases are applied by the experienced and expert staff in their field with the latest approaches.


In the psychiatric field, where all treatment services are provided, such as couple and family therapy, sexual therapy and addiction treatments, the principle of respect for patient privacy is adopted. Each case is handled by our physicians and specialists with clinical experience, scientific principle and state-of-the-art equipment.


Our Child Health and Diseases Department, led by our experienced doctors and their team, responds to the needs of our patients in the best possible way with a multidisciplinary working principle.


Izmir Ekol Hospitals Orthopaedics and Traumatology Unit provides an effective, reliable and quality service at world standards in order to protect the health of our patients and to examine, inspect, diagnose and treat their diseases with modern technological devices. Our Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology plans and applies the most appropriate treatment at the scientific level in the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal system diseases, in cooperation and solidarity with the other departments in our hospital, by taking advantage of a wide range of technology at our disposal. Patients are informed in detail by our specialist physicians about treatment plans. 


Our center provides comprehensive services for eye health with all diagnostic methods and treatment applications. The treatment of all eye disorders, from childhood diseases to advanced eye diseases, is successfully carried out by our experienced specialists in their branches via modern devices.

Ekol Hospitals

The Health and Rehabilitation Centre is the hotel facility acquired by Ekol Hospitals just to serve its own patients. This is a new concept of fully integrated health care, the first of its kind. The hotel facility, with 50 rooms and 100 beds, has been transformed into the sort of hospital in which more than 20 medical professionals are employed to oversee our valued patients while they are staying at the hotel after having been discharged in a healthy condition. In this facility, the only concern you might have will be choosing how many enjoyable locations you would like to visit, and other than that everything regarding your health will be under the control of our medical professionals, who have more than 10 years of experience and can speak fluently in English, German and French.

Services offered in Ekol Health & Rehabilitation Centre

• 7/24 doctor and nurse availability and visitations
• Prompt examination of your medical results by your doctor and nurses.
• Detailed explanation of the use of medications
• Daily medical dressing change
• Opportunity to attend informative meetings organized by medical professionals.

Ekol Hospitals
Ekol Hospitals
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