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*Enjoying the round trip experience with private Airbus 320 aviation
*Required COVID-19 tests
  • Arrival: 11th January
  • Depature: 18th January
  • Enjoy your roundtrip journey with a private Airbus 320 only for our patients.
  • Required Covid – 19 Tests are included
  • Accompanion from Ekol Hospitals Staff during the whole journey from beginning to the end even in Dublin and Stansted airports
  • Essential Obesity Surgery and other medical procedures such as aesthetics and dental procedures ( please contact our members for more information)
  • 3 nights hospital stay
  • 3 or 4 nights accommodation in Hilton Group Hotel including breakfast
  • One year free consultation
  • All necessary tests before and after the surgery
  • All prescribed medication and multivitamins
  • Nutrition consultations and nutrition plans
All Inclusive VIP Package
With a private airbus
Only selected 120 people

Why Ekol Hospitals?

Founded by EKOL BAZ Health Group in 2007 and established in Izmir – Turkey, Ekol Hospital proudly continues to serve through their experienced health personnel and is equipped with the most modern medical technology, with all units, 9 operating rooms and 150 bed capacity.

  • Tests are performed to all medical staff against COVID-19.
  • Our hospital, clinic, vehicles, cafeterias and all areas are frequently disinfected with special materials for our valuable patients.
  • All other precautions are carefully taken in our hospital in concordance with WHO and goverment legislations.
  • EKOL Hospitals hasn’t had a single patient with COVID -19 which means we are not a pandemic hospital.

Ekol Hospitals is known for its comprehensive and compassionate approach to patient care and it is leading the way in preventing, diagnosing and treating with state-of-the-art technology and medications combined with a personalized patient-focused approach to healthcare.
Ekol Hospitals provide specialized services using the most advanced technology worldwide and with an expert team of international quality standards, offer diagnosis and treatment services for many international patients that come to our country. Ekol Hospitals are certified ISO 9001 which is concerned about the quality management and ISO 27001 which concerns about information security and privacy by FQC – an independent, international body.

EKOL Hospitals, that are designed with an understanding to make our patient’s feel at home in a spacious, comfortable and modern environment by keeping the health, satisfaction and safety of them and their relatives in the utmost importance, operate with a healthy, safe and quality service understanding in and around the hospital.

Our hospital is making a difference with its patient-oriented service understanding in order to reduce the troubles that patients can experience in all treatment and care processes and to increase the quality of their living conditions.
Special care provision in all unit and patient rooms, individual patient reception, hospitalization and housekeeping and patient satisfaction in Ekol Hospital is closely monitored by the Quality Management Unit, and measurement and supervision procedures are being performed.

Nursing Services and Care Development Unit, which aims to keep patient health, satisfaction and safety on the front line, provides guidance, coordination and control, patient care nursing services with high quality and a positive attitude.
Ekol Hospitals use evidence-based and case-based practices based on modern technology and scientific approach principles in providing patients with the highest quality of care.