Esthetic Surgery of the Genital Area

Esthetic Surgery of the Genital Area

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Vagina Tightening Surgery

It is one of the important sexual problems that can occur between couples if the vagina is larger than normal or loosened. Vagina tightening surgery is an aesthetic surgery in order to correct this situation. Incompatibility between the vagina and the male organ can cause problems with orgasm in both partners.

Although the vagina differs personally in terms of width, it is generally suitable for tight access of two fingers in a woman who has not given birth. Longitudinal folds in the vagina on the back and front walls can increase enlargement. Vagina length is approximately 7-9 cm. Again, the folds transversely in the vagina might provide lengthening. The transverse and longitudinal muscles in the vagina structure allow the vagina to adapt to the male organ. However, in some cases, the vagina becomes excessively abundant and cannot adapt to the male organ.

In some women, the vagina sizes may be structurally larger than normal. Apart from this, normal births, rupture during birth, high number of deliveries, poorly sutured episiotomy incision at first delivery, opening of sutures, giving birth to a large baby might lead to decrease in elasticitiy of the vagina also consonant with age.

With the expansion of the vagina structure, usually sagging towards the vagina occurs in the bladder and intestines. It may cause problems such as sagging bladder, urinary incontinence, and compression in the urine bag. Vagina enlargement also prevents normal wetting in the vagina during sexual intercourse and increases the problem thoroughly.

Aesthetic operation that should be done when vaginal abundance and related sexual problem arises is vagina tightening surgery. In the vagina tightening surgery, a longitudinal piece is removed from the back wall of the vagina. In repair, the muscle layer should be sewn separately, and the mucous layer should be sewn separately.

Vaginal tightening surgery is mostly performed under local anesthesia. It is also possible to do it under general anesthesia. When done with local anesthesia, you can walk home after surgery. The surgery may take up to 1 hour. Since absorbable stitches are used, there is no problem of removing the stiches. Antibiotics and painkillers might be recommended after vagina tightening. Sexual intercourse is prohibited for 4-6 weeks after the procedure.

Along with vagina tightening surgery, other genital aesthetic surgeries such as vagina aesthetics, labioplasty, clitoris aesthetic surgeries can be performed.

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