Chin Aesthetics (Mentoplasty/Genioplasty)

Chin Aesthetics (Mentoplasty/Genioplasty)

Mentoplasty is performed to rejuvenate the facial appearance, obtain an aesthetic and well-proportioned visage, and for correcting the congenital malformations in the chin. The problems seen in the jaw are generally as follows:

The jaw is constitutionally small and adjacent to the neck.
The jaw is protruded or recessed.
The tip of the chin is disproportionately small.
The chin tip is long and pointed.

These problems can be corrected with mentoplasty.

The procedures within the scope of mentoplasty:

Reconstruction of the chin with implants, rasping, and tissue transfer are within the scope of mentoplasty. These procedures help the chin appear more aesthetical. Most of the mentoplasties are performed for aesthetic purposes. Some of them can be performed in collaboration with the orthodontists when necessary.

Chin tip surgery:
The type of the operation to be performed at the tip of the chin will be determined based on the structure of the lower jaw. The surgery is planned according to the facial structure of the person. Some people presenting with the wish of undergoing nose or facial aesthetics have not recognized yet that the main problem lies in the chin. The intervention targets the structure of the chin in these individuals. Surgery planning is aims to correct the problem at the tip of the chin.

Reduction Mentoplasty:
This is the most commonly performed type of mentoplasty. It is performed to reduce the long and wide jaw structure. However, it is more practical to perform in individuals, whose lower jaws are not too long. This operation is performed through an intra-oral incision in the operating room when the patient is under general anesthesia. Patients should exercise care about their diet after the surgery. The recovery will be complete almost in a month and patients can see the final configuration of their chins.

A variety of techniques can be used in mentoplasty/genioplasty. If necessary, the tip of the jaw can be augmented with filling material or screws can be applied to small-size chins. Protrusion of the chin can be intervened with special rasps.

What will the new appearance of the chin appear the mentoplasty?

Mentoplasty (chin aesthetics) is performed using several procedures; including rasping or filling to accentuate the configuration of the chin to achieve a well-proportioned facial appearance. The procedures to be performed are planned before the surgery, designing the new shape of the chin in advance to get it conform to the general architecture of the face. After the operation, a natural and proportionate facial appearance is obtained.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can mentoplasty be used to reshape the square-shaped chin structure to an oval one?
With the techniques and skills used by our specialists, the chin can be reshaped to obtain a square-shaped or V-shaped configuration.

What should be done before mentoplasty?
Patient expectations are evaluated before the aesthetic surgery of the chin. Then; using visual representations, our specialists will inform you about to what extent your expectations can be met after the operation. You can schedule the surgery afterward to have your chin optimally proportioned to your facial contours.

Do We Perform Chin Dimple Aesthetics?
We can meet your requests with dimple aesthetics by either eliminating or generating dimples.

Does chin aesthetics leave scar marks?
A majority of mentoplasties are performed inside the mouth; therefore, they do not cause scar marks.

Is the material used in chin elongation harmful?
The fillers that we prefer to use for chin elongation contain hyaluronic acid; therefore, they do not bring any harm to the metabolic constitution of the body. These substances are not harmful to the body.

Is Chin Tip Reduction Surgery Painful?
As discussed previously, almost all mentoplasties are performed inside the mouth. Therefore, scarring is unlikely.

Does having unequal lengths of sides of the lower jaw present an obstacle against undergoing chin aesthetics?
Because the aim of chin aesthetics is to correct any malformations or reshape the lower jaw in general, unequal side lengths of the lower jaw or similar problems are not obstacles at all. After a physical examination to be performed in our center, these problems will be identified and described to guide us through the planning process of the aesthetic operations.

Is it possible to expand the jaw with mentoplasty?
Chin augmentation is performed using several types of implants.

My lower jaw is a little bit protruded. Can you treat it?
After the preliminary examination to be performed in our center, lower jaw surgery procedures are performed.

Is It Possible To Treat A Shifted Jaw?
It can be treated by surgical intervention.

What is the basis of variable costs in chin aesthetics?
The prices for the chin aesthetics are determined after reviewing the procedure to be performed, the structure of the lower jaw, and the required material to be used.

Which Anesthesia Methods are Used in Chin Aesthetics?
Local or general anesthesia can be administered to patients to perform chin aesthetics.

Is the postoperative period painful?
Pain can occur in chin aesthetics, too, as it occurs in other types of surgery. Especially the use of fillers or surgical rasps may aggravate the severity pain to some extent.

Is Chin Aesthetics A Treatment For A Recessed Lower Jaw?
Lower jaw recession is treated by our specialist surgeons within the scope of mentoplasties.

How Long Does A Session Of Aesthetic Surgery Last?
The operation takes 1 - 1.5 hours depending on the extent of planned reconstructions and the new features of the chin, which were opted for at the planning phase.

When Can I Get Back To My Daily Routines After The Mentoplasty?
We usually advise our patients to spend a resting period of one week. However, it depends on the type of operation.

Is Chin Aesthetic Surgery Risky?
All surgical operations are associated with risks to some extent because of several factors including the metabolic constitution of the patient or the emergence of untoward events during the intervention. However, a vital risk is unlikely to be associated with the mentoplasty.

Is Mentoplasty Harmful For My Teeth?
These operations are performed through an incision made inside the mouth. The procedure does not cause any damage in teeth.

Is Chin Aesthetic Surgery Costly?
All operations performed in our center are carried out with the consideration of our patients' physical and financial well-being. Therefore our prices are reasonable.

Is Chin Aesthetics Performed For Correcting Misaligned Teeth?
To get the misaligned teeth corrected, you need to consult staff physicians and surgeons of our center.

Is asymmetry in the facial bones a contraindication for chin aesthetics?
Malformations in the facial bone structure are not obstacles for chin  aesthetics. Because the purpose of chin aesthetics is to restructure the chin proportionately with the face, facial malformations are corrected within the scope of facial aesthetics.

How can I foresee the chin structure I am going to get?
After the physical examination performed by our expert specialists; the chin shape, which you wish to get and which is proportionate to your facial structures will be simulated on computer for you to review. The operation will be scheduled after your approval.

At what age can chin aesthetics be performed?
Since the human body completes bone development at the age of 18, it is more appropriate to perform chin aesthetics after this age. Otherwise, an unaesthetic appearance may emerge since the chin development will continue after the aesthetic surgery.

Can biting problems be treated with chin aesthetics?
Malformations in the chin related to teeth misalignment can be corrected with orthodontic treatment or  directly with chin aesthetics. For this purpose, a thorough examination must be carried out and the process must be managed by a team of our expert specialists.

What is the length of the healing period after nose and chin aesthetics?
Performing two operations in combination requires more careful management of the postoperative processes. The pain will be a bit more severe but the harmony of the shape of your nose and chin, which creates your new facial profile, will amaze you.

What are the risks after chin aesthetics?
There are no major risks other than a temporary period of numbness or bleeding and infection in the lip area.

Can chin and cheekbone aesthetics be performed in combination?
Of course, yes. Chin aesthetics and cheekbone operations can be combined.

Can I undergo nose and chin aesthetics in combination in the same session of surgery?
Of course, yes. Nose and chin aesthetics can be performed in the same session.

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