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One of the most popular aesthetic operation nowadays is the “bichectomy” also known as Bucal Fat Removal or “Hollywood Cheeks”. The operation helps the patient to have a defined jawbone by removing the fat tissue inside the cheeks.



Frequently Asked Questions

The procedure can be performed by Aesthetic surgeons who are experienced in this field. You should make good research before choosing your surgeon and be sure to describe your desired result well to them. 3 Esthetic Surgeons in EKOL Hospitals perform Bichectomy operations.
Ekol Hospitals experienced esthetic surgeons perform bichectomy operations since many years. The operation itself requires great experience and should be performed under correct hands only. You can completely trust EKOL Hospitals’ Surgeons by this operation.
Buccal fat removal can be done at almost any age. However, keep in mind that many people begin to lose facial fat in their 20s and 30s. If their fat reserves are removed before then, they may end up with a gaunt appearance — a face that looks too thin and possibly unhealthy.
Following your buccal fat extraction surgery, your lower face and mouth will be sore, swollen and tender. Any bruising will be on the inside of your mouth. You may be put on a special diet of foods that are not acidic, and you may be instructed to sleep with your head elevated and to rinse your mouth with an antiseptic mouthwash several times each day. The swelling should dissipate after about two weeks.
You should see preliminary results within a week or two as the swelling subsides, but it may take anywhere from two to four months to see the full results of your buccal fat extraction procedure.
The results of buccal fat extraction are permanent. However, if you gain a marked amount of weight in the future, your cheeks may plump up again.
Although this surgery is usually performed under local anesthesia, general anesthesia can also be used in some cases depending on the patient's condition