Orthodontics is a specialty of a dentistry that aims crowdet teeth which consist of insufficient space and discrepancy jaw comparisons. The dental specialist that make orthodontic treatment known as orthodontist. If we seperate the orthodontic treatment examination according to dentition periods, the causes which are bounded to finger sucking, lip sucking etc. are eliminatined. With orthodontics treatment, the permanent defect to jaw’s skeletal structure will be blocked. Mixed dentition period is also the scope of orthodontics. During this period, both deciduous teeth and permanent teeth are in mouth. The area thigtness appear when deciduous teeth’s early loss or unable to guide eruption teeth. Orthodontist is interested about correcting these area tightness. At the same time, in this period jaw development continues.


Orthodontics treatment is devided in two sections;

Fixed othotondics treatment:
In these treatments the fixed apparatus are used and patients do not remove them. Corrugated metal that called brace (porcelain braces are still used today) is sticked on to the teeth. A wire passes through in to the Groove. These wires are replaced every4-6 weeks

Removable orthodontics treatment:
In these treatments removal apparatus are used. Patients install and remove it easily. This treatment is mostly applied in 6-12 years children. In some cases, both fixed and removable orthodontics treatments may be necessary.